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Taiwan Man Ties Knot With Same Woman 4 Times, And Divorces Her Thrice For Extra Paid Leaves

How far would you go for taking some extra days off work? Will you act that you are genuinely sick or give some other excuse? Well, we don’t know about you, but this man in Taiwan married the same woman four times and divorces here thrice to get extended paid leave. Yep, you read that right! Here’s everything you must know about this bizarre incident.

Taiwanese Man Married Same Woman Four-Times For 32 Days Of Paid Leave
The Taiwanese man who works as a clerk at a bank in Taipei married the same woman four times and divorced here thrice in 37 days. It is so because, during his first marriage, the bank gave him 8-day leave, and to extend that leave, he divorced his wife and married her again the next day to ask for another paid leave, which he felt he was allowed to by the law. He did this until he married four times and divorced three times. By doing this, he managed to apply leaves for four marriages for a total of 32 days.

He Filed A Complaint Against The Bank For Not Giving Him Asked Marriage Leaves
However, things didn’t work as per his plan. The bank figured his scheme and refused to grant him extra paid leave. But this didn’t make the clerk give up; he went ahead with his place and then filed a complaint against his employer at the Taipei City Labour Bureau and accused the bank of breaking the law by not obeying Article-2 of the Labour Leave Rules.

As per the law, he was eligible for 32 days of leave- the Taipei City Labour Bureau reviewed the matter and ordered that the employer violated the Labour Law. The bank was fined NT$20,000 (AED 2598) in October 2020. And to that, the bank claimed that the employee was abusing the marriage law act.

Well, how bizarre is this? Would you ever do something like this for extra leaves?

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