What makes Muthoottu Mini’s Commercial so Popular

The Muthoottu Mini ad takes women empowerment to new heights with millions of views in record time


In its latest commercial, leading NBFC Muthoottu Mini Financiers portrays a powerful portrait of a female protagonist that has netizens talking. With over 2 million views on YouTube (Malayalam and Hindi), the newly launched commercial film focuses on a girl who challenges social norms.

The film was beautifully crafted by director Martin Prakkat and cinematographer Jomon T. John, and was shot in Ladakh. Through its strategic approach, the advertisement emphasizes the value of women. A soul-stirring drive through Ladakh is reflected in the ad. It doesn’t conform and doesn’t let obstacles stand in the way.

In conclusion, the film establishes a strong message: If a woman is focused, has strong convictions, backed up by a like-minded and progressive partner, no dream is beyond her reach. Muthoottu Mini’s slogan “Standing by you, whenever you need us” perfectly reflects this ethos.
Mathew Muthoottu, Managing Director, Muthoottu Mini Financiers, is very excited about the response. “We are thrilled and ecstatic at the overwhelming response to our new commercial, which calls for women to dream and breaks down cultural stereotypes of women.”

In addition, as a socially responsible company, with strong values, the company is proud to support a socially relevant cause. The campaign aims to shake up the status quo, and explore the challenges that women face on a daily basis.

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