WhatsApp Will Reward Users With Rs 51 Cashback If They Use The Payments Feature.

WhatsApp's payment feature is already rewarding its users with a Rs 51 cashback when they use it


A couple of weeks ago, WhatsApp was spotted testing its payment feature with cashback. Apparently, WhatsApp is already rewarding its users with a Rs 51 cashback for using the payments feature. It is ironic that WhatsApp is rolling out the feature at a time when payment apps like PhonePe are charging processing fees for mobile recharges.

Business Insider reports that WhatsApp has started offering cash backs for its UPI-based payments. According to the report, the feature is currently being rolled out to Android beta users. Users who use the payments feature to send money to different contacts get a guaranteed cashback. Moreover, the report states that the cashback can be redeemed up to five times. The WhatsApp Android beta app displays a banner at the top of the chat window. The banner reads, “Give cash, get Rs 51 back”. Basically, you can get up to Rs 255 cashback on different payments up to five times.

WhatsApp is a good move to attract users who heavily rely on payment apps such as Google Pay, PayTM, and PhonePe. Since it was only spotted in the app’s beta version, the feature must have been accessed by the beta testers. It hasn’t been rolled out to the stable audience yet. The app will likely be rolled out to a larger audience in the days to come.
WhatsApp features tracker spotted the cashback feature in September. Wabetainfo posted a screenshot showing the new cashback banner at the top of the chat window. Get cash back on your next payment by tapping the banner. Users will not receive cashback until after their first payment or before they make their first payment using the messaging app.

This is limited to UPI Payments in India, you will only receive one cashback, and you will likely receive cashback up to Rs 10 (but this amount may change before the official release of the feature,” a report by Wabetainfo stated.

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