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Agriculture Vastu Information Guide

Agriculture Vastu Information Guide

Agriculture Vastu:

The following is all about Agriculture Vastu, you should read this only if you believe in Vastu.

Introduction to Agriculture Vastu: Vastu Shastra, Agriculture is determined by the five primary elements of nature. The basics of Vastu Shastra can be conveniently positioned to use for choosing agricultural soil, for building a farm-house or while sowing the seeds. It’s thought that it is going to cause an impressive result as far as agricultural production is concerned. If the advice of the Vastu Shastra is to be followed then the agricultural land with a street/road on the South should be avoided.

Agriculture Vastu #1: Passages linking two agricultural lands should not be constructed. Agricultural land must have slope towards the East or the North directions. But it should not be towards the West or South direction. The agricultural land shouldn’t be multilevel. It is essential that the plot is levelled. However, if it’s multileveled blocks the slope should be slanted towards the East or the North sides.

Agriculture Vastu #2: If the land cubes have a downward slope towards the South or the West investment in the residences exceeds the earnings. The agricultural plot should be rectangular or square in shape. It shouldn’t have a cut in the South-East or the South-West direction. By building a dirt or brick wall that is a raised border of at least two to three feet or a compound wall this ought to be removed to generate the plot routine in shape. About the West or the South sides of the agricultural land tall trees can be planted as such will prove beneficial.

Agriculture Vastu #3: While sowing any crop it ought to be from the East-West direction. Here the plants will receive sufficient sunlight. Bottled water storage, tanks boring and other structures must be found in the North-East direction of the North or the East side. Wells shouldn’t be located in the North-West, South-East or the South-West directions since it will lead to huge losses. Drainage for supplying water to the crops ought to be built from South to North. The farm home or the hut in the field ought to maintain the South-West side.

Agriculture Vastu #4: The farm homes generally belong to the property owners. The huts or homes such as the agricultural laborers should be from the South-East or the West direction. The cow’s pen should be in the West or even the North-West direction. While tying the pet critters their faces must be from the Northern direction. When it impossible then they ought to face the East. Pet animals shouldn’t be tied into the South, North-East, or the South-West direction. A high thick chemical wall 10 to 20 feet in length and 6 feet in height must be from the South and West sides of their South-West direction of the field.

Agriculture Vastu #5: A full-fledged wall compound or a raised platform in the West and the South Direction will also prove beneficial. There should never be a compound wall or a raised platform in the East or the North Direction as well. A wire compound is also permissible. New seeds should be sowed in an auspicious day with all the chanting of hymns. Sowing should not be performed on Tuesdays or Saturdays. While sowing a brand new crop the recitation of Gayatri Mantra or Surya Mantra can really help. It’s always fruitful to invoke the blessings of God before setting out for a significant undertaking. The process of sowing should start from South-East direction and then proceed onto the South, South-West, West, North-West, North-East, and East in a clockwise direction. This, too, ought to be done clockwise.

Agriculture Vastu #6: A sacred fire pit should be prepared in the South-East direction and some grains of the first reaping should be provided to Lord Agni. A number of the grain should be supplied to the pet critters also. If a New Moon day happens during the harvesting period then a coconut ought to be broken into the area whilst confronting the east. This has to be done in the day.

Agriculture Vastu #7: The pieces of this coconut should be held in the middle of the field and the four major corners of the field. This day these bits should be gathered and thrown on the dunghill. If possible on all the New Moon days a marking nut, lemon, seven chillies and a lemon should be tied to the main entrance of the field and the farm home to ward off evil powers. The equipment that is employed in the field should always be kept in the South-West corner or the Southern management. Never store them in North-East, North or East directions.

Agriculture Vastu #8: The perfect place for the thrasher machine, the bullock cart along with other farming vehicles would be the North-West or even the North direction. These should not be kept in the North-East corner. When the ready crop is taken to the market for sale it should be removed or taken from either the North, East or the North-West Direction. This will cause quick sale and a decent income.

Agriculture Vastu #9: If the harvest is removed from the North – East gate both the sale and the payment will be postponed. If the harvest is taken out of this South-West gate it will not find a good price. If the crop is taken out of this South-East gate it contributes to loss and troubles. The fodder is to be stored in the South or even South-West management of the area. Dung cakes and also the ash should be held in the South-East direction whereas the fertilizers and chemicals, important for the crops, should be held from the Western corner.

Agriculture Vastu #10: If the subsidiary harvest is to be taken in addition to the most important crop the subsidiary crop should be grown in the West or the South management. While ploughing the area to get a new crop it will be beneficial if it starts from the South-East and then clockwise proceed in the North-East direction. If the agricultural business is done on a big scale the heaps of grain should be increased in the West direction. The packaging and dispatching office could be found in the North-West aspect of the Westside.

Agriculture Vastu #11: Tractors, trucks etc. which take the grain ought to be parked with their faces towards the North or the East. Proper worship should take place before the initial sack of a harvest is kept. There should be no mound in the center of the field. Tall trees, flowers or crops shouldn’t be planted here. As for as possible, there should not be any pits within the field. In the event they are, they need to be found in the East or the North direction. To the East of the field, a row of black basil plants must be planted. These are good for the crops.

Agriculture Vastu #12: For horticulture, the short trees must be planted in the East or the Northern blocks and tall trees from the South or the West block. Amla, tamarind, carrot or lemon trees must be planted in South block; guava from the east; custard apple in the North; Pomegranate in the West and cherry, coconut, jamblum (Indian berry), Kauth and many others in the South. While carrying a banana crop in the area on the eastern side along with the Northern Side of this North-East direction at least ten feet should be kept empty.

Agriculture Vastu #13: It should also be recalled that in a square area of 9×9 feet bananas shouldn’t be planted at the center. If grapes seeds are planted then they ought to be from South to North directions. While sprinkling water exactly the identical direction needs to be followed. Fire for warming should never be set up at the center, the North-East along with the North directions. While working in the field, reaping or giving manures into the area one must face towards the East or the North. Never face Southwards. Scare crows need to be set in the South and the West directions. Temples shouldn’t be constructed in the field. If it is where it ought to be in the West. The idol should face the East. Idols of Maruti, Shani, Mhasoba, Munjya, Pirbaba and Asra should not be installed in the Area. However, all the rituals should be followed properly and frequently.

Agriculture Vastu #14: Adjacent fields in the South or the West of an existing agricultural land should not be purchased under any circumstances. However, if it’s necessary it should be purchased or obtained in somebody else’s name. The field operator should not buy it in his own name. If some area of the area is to be marketed, the part lying around the West or the South ought to be sold. The plot with canal or river around the North or East side’s ought to be bought. If the river or the canal is on the South side financial loss is imminent. If the well is in the South-West corner of the area there are chances of this field owner’s accident, suicide or illness. A well from the South-East block may make the area owner go bankrupt. If the well is in the North-West block grain can be discharged or it might also result in enmity. A nicely in the West is okay. But here a wall needs to be built in the East of the well. The height of the wall should be marginally more than the height of this well. If a pump or motor is installed on the well it needs to be installed from the South-East direction. Rather than covering it completely some space for the passage of light and air ought to be kept. The drains or even the tanks constructed close to the well needs to be from the Northern section.

Agriculture Vastu #15: Tanks built for drinking water for animals needs to be in the Western block. The staircase or ladder for entering the well should be in the West or the South directions. Whether an overhead tank is constructed for water to trickle or sprinkling of water within the field, it needs to be constructed from the West direction. Overhead tanks, well and electrical pole should not obstruct the main entrance of the farm home. Electrical appliances such as the generator, transformers or electric poles in the area should maintain the South-East corner or at the West direction. The electric poles of the authorities shouldn’t pass through the middle of the field. The modem laboratory of the significant farm homes ought to be situated on the Westside. If fisheries are to be set up in the field, it ought to be in just half the area and in the East or the North direction. But do not build it in the Southern block. Poultry farms should be put up in the Western block of the area.

Agriculture Vastu #16: If the nursery is to be set up in the area it should be in the East or the West directions. When it comes to the watchman of the field or orchard he should live in the North-West of the West or even South-East of the East or South directions. Residence for the watchman shouldn’t be given a room in the South-West direction. It can incur huge losses for the owner of the farm. Every time a new farm is bought proper Bhoomi Puja should be done. Navgraha Pooja is sensible too. No work needs to be done after sunset within the specialty. Even the animals should not be placed on any work. Cactus or other plants giving out white liquid shouldn’t be implanted in the East or the North Direction.

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Last Updated: April 7, 2018
Author: Jagdish


  1. What is a remedy for North to South slope of land and South there is river flowing in east to west direction

    How to avoid bad effects of this situations.

  2. Hello Sir , You really did a good job. I wish you a good luck . I am a horticulturist can you suggest some farm where profitable organic farming , polyhouse is going on so that we can visit. Is you have any farm.


  3. Sir, Madam,

    I want a copy of agricultural vastu information guide please send to my email which will be helpful to me as we are a farmer i need to implement this in my land kindly help me in this regard.

  4. I have a land measuring 15 acres facing north by the side of a main road. the land is even for 9.5 acres and then there is aslope towards South. There is a 10 feet wall built by the Govt at the end of south. Its height is more than the North side by the side of Main road. Now I have drilled a borewell by the side of the on the northwest near north center of the land. where can I build a shed now.

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