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Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse

Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse

Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:

Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse
Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse

Description of Carnation :- This is one of the beautiful flowers after rose and commercially cultivated crop in greenhouse. Carnations scientific name is “Dianthus caryophyllus” and classified as “Dianthus” and native to the Mediterranean region.

Local Names of Carnation Flowers :- Gulanar, Lali (Hindi),கார்னேஷன் மலர் (Tamil),കാര്നേശന / കാര്നൈശന (Malayalam).

Carnations Flower Cultivars :- The following are the famous and standard varieties of carnations that are being cultivated in greenhouse: Sonsara, Dakar, Solar, Raggio di sole, Laurella, Cabaret,Tanga, Isac and Master.

Planting For Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse :- These flower plants can be planted throughout the year under greenhouse controlled environment. The ideal planting density of carnations is about 20 to 30 plants/sq.meter which will be equivalent to 1.5 – 2.0 lakh plants/ one hectare area in greenhouse.

Temperature Requirement For Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:- Under greenhouse environment , a temperature of 20 °C to 25 °C should be maintained.

Soil Requirement For Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:- Carnations plants require well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil with good organic matter in greenhouse production.

Blue Carnation Flowers
Blue Carnation Flowers

Fertilizer Requirement For Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:- Carnation plants require 40

grams of N, 20 grams of P2O5 and 10 grams of K2O in greenhouse production. For producing high quality or high grade carnation flowers, liquid nutrients of 190 ppm N, 1 ppm B and 156 ppm K should be applied along with each irrigation.

Irrigation For Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:- An irrigation schedule should be implemented on need base. Over head sprinkler irrigation is most effective than the soil surface irrigation System.However, at budding stage, over head sprinkler irrigation needs to be replaced with soil surface irrigation system.

Practices Followed for Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:-The most common and important practices followed are dis-budding, pinching and de-shooting. Pinching should be carried out by leaving 5 to 6 nodes on the carnation plant. After pinching is done, spraying BAP of 100 ppm should increase the flower yield. In spray type,all auxiliary buds should be retained and terminal buds are removed where as in standard type, all terminal buds should be retained and auxiliary buds are removed. When carnation plants attain about 40 to 45 inch height, nylon mesh support needs to be provided.

Harvesting in Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:- Standard carnation flowers can be harvested at paint brush stage where as spray type carnations will be ready for harvesting when 2 to 3 upper carnation flowers in the inflorescence are open & remainders showing colour. After harvesting the flowers, they should be pulsed with 10 % of sugar and 4 mM STS for 12 hours @ 2°C to 4°C.

Yield in  Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse:- Yield always depends on greenhouse practices and cultivars. An average yield of 300 to 400 flower/sq.meter/year can be obtained in greenhouse production.

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Last Updated: April 7, 2018
Author: Jagdish


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