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Farm Implements, Agriculture Tools Information

Farm Implements, Agriculture Tools Information

Farm Implements / Farm Tools:

Today, let us discuss about common Agriculture Tools and Farm Implements.


  • A hand cultivator tool is a gardening tool that is used to turn the soil where you plan on planting and for removing weeds. In small flower or vegetable gardens, it is used like a small plow to dig the planting rows.
  • A hand cultivatoris any of several types of farm implement used for secondary tillage. One is the name refers to frames with teeth that pierce the soil as they are dragged through it linearly. Another one is for machines that use rotary motion of disks or teeth to accomplish a similar result.


  • A crowbar, also called a wrecking bar, pinch-bar. Crowbar tool is used for digging big holes and for digging out big stones and stumps.
  • Crowbar tool is a hand tool. It has a large application In Agriculture. It is used to make huge holes by digging. It is also being used to move rocks. It is made up of high carbon steel.


  • A Bolo is a big cutting tool of Filipino origin similar to the machete. The main use of the bolo is clearing vegetation, whether for agriculture or during trail blazing. It is used mainly in the Philippines, the jungles of Indonesia, and in the sugar fields of Cuba.
  • Bolo is used for cutting big grasses and weeds and chopping branches of trees. The bolo knife is ordinary in the countryside due to its use as a farming implement.
  • Usually used for cutting coconuts, it was also a common harvesting tool for narrow row crops found on terraces such as rice, mung beans, soybeans, and peanuts. Because of its availability, the bolo tool became a common choice of improvised weaponry to the everyday peasant.


  • A Pick mattock toolis a versatile hand tool, used for digging and chopping. A pick mattock tool has a head that combines a pick and adze. The pick mattock is rarely sharpened and the adze is sometimes sharpened.
  • The pick mattock tool is a pick and adze combination tool. An adze is actually used in forming and carving wood, but has evolved with the pick to become the ideal digging, landscaping, and gardening tool. The head of the pick mattock has one side that is an adze and the other side being in the form of a spike.

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  • Grub hoe tools are light- to moderate-weight hoes used for chopping through sod and roots. Clearing a garden spot, digging trenches, killing weeds and roots, removing root pieces on top of the ground, and moving rocks are common uses for grub hoes. These blades are available in several widths and shapes.
  • The grub hoe tool uses a swinging motion like a mattock or an axe to penetrate down into the earth. When kept sharp, the hoe uses its own weight, gravity, and a little body mechanics to simply pierce and turn over new ground.


  • A hand fork tool is a small, handled gardening tool designed to be used with small plants or seedlings. They are used for digging up weeds, hand forks are sometimes referred to as ‘weeding forks’. Hand forks are used for a multiplicity of gardening tasks, including aerating and cultivating soil, light weeding and transplanting seedlings.
  • Hand fork tools are such handy garden tools. You can use hand forks to eliminate weeds, prepare planting holes and tidy the soil level around border edges.


  • It is a tool with a sharp-edged, typically rectangular, metal blade and a long handle, used for digging or cutting earth. A spadeis a tool mainly for digging.
  • Spades are made in many shapes and sizes, for a variety of different functions, and there are many different designs used in spade manufacturing. The most common spade, tool is a garden spade,which typically has a long handle, is wide, and is traded.
  • This is designed for the specific task of lifting up and removing dirt. This would be the tool of option for digging a planting hole, a trench or a ditch. The digging end, made of metal, is sharp. The upper edge of the spade is dull, and is where the digger can place his foot to help force the sharp end into the ground.


  • A shovel is a tool for digging, lifting, and moving large material, such as soil, coal, gravel, snow, sand or ore.
  • Shovels are hand toolsconsisting of a wide blade fixed to a medium-length handle. Shovel blades are generally made of sheet steel or hard plastics and are very strong. Shovel handles are generally made of wood.
  • Shoveltool also applies to larger excavating machines called power shovels, which serve the same purpose digging, lifting, and moving material.


  • Rake tools can be used at home for various clearing and gardening tasks. They can also be used in many industries such as agriculture and landscaping.
  • A rake toolis a broom for outside use; a horticultural implements consisting of a toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle, and used to collect leaves, hay, grass, etc., and in gardening, for loosening the soil, light weeding and leveling, removing dead grass from lawns, and usually for purposes performed in agriculture by the harrow.
  • Modern hand-rakes generally have steel, plastic, or bambooteeth or tines, though historically they have been made with wood or iron. The handle is regularly made of wood or metal.


  • A light hoe tool is a light weight version of a regular garden hoe, which is a tool with a thin blade set across the end of a long handle for weeding and loosening soil.
  • Light hoe tool for removing weeds and loosening soil in vegetable bed and under plants.
  • Easy and suitable to use by all gardeners because of the lightweight aluminum body.
  • The color of the Light hoe tool is a combination of off-white and sandy clay tone.


  • Pruning shears are also called hand pruners, or Secateurs, is a type of scissorsfor use on plants. They are strong enough to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs, sometimes up to 2 centimeters thick.
  • Pruning Shears are used in gardening, arboriculture, farming, flower arranging, and nature conservation, where fine-scale habitat management is required.

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  • A seed drill toolis a sowing device that sows the seed precisely in the soil at the proper depth and distance. Then Seed drill covers them with soil. It protects the seeds from birds and save time and labour.
  • The seed drill sows the seeds at the same distances and proper depth, ensuring that the seeds get covered with soil and saved from being eaten by birds. We can keep time and less seeds are wasted by this method .The use of seed drill can improve the ratio of crop yield means seeds harvested per seeds planted by as much as nine times.
  • A seed drill is essentially a crop planter used by the majority farmers to carry out planting operations. However, it is very important to understand its design as well as operation before embarking on any calibration or repair.


  • A cultivator toolis any of several types of farm implement used for secondary tillage
  • Cultivators of the toothed type are often same in form to chisel plows, but their goals are very different.
  • Cultivator teeth work close to the surface, usually for weed control, whereas chisel plow shanks work deep beneath the surface, breaking up hardpan. Consequently, cultivating also takes much small power per shank than does chisel plowing.


  • A plough is a toolor farm implement used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in grounding for sowing seed or planting to loosen or turn the soil. Ploughs were usually drawn by working animals such as oxen and horses, but in modern times are mostly drawn by tractors.
  • A plough tool may be made of wood, iron, or steel frame with an attached blade or stick used to cut the soil and loosen it.
  • Ploughs were primarily human-powered, but the process became considerably more efficient once animals were pressed into service. The first animal-powered ploughs were undoubtedly pulled by oxen, and later in various areas by horses and mules, although various other animalshave been used for this purpose.


  • A harrowtool is a farm tool. It is an execute for breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil. It is dissimilar from a plow, which cuts deeper into the soil.
  • A plow tool also lifts up the soil and tips it over, but a harrow works mostly by cutting into the soil and breaking it up.
  • Harrows differ from cultivator tools in that they disturb the whole surface of the soil, instead of disturbing only narrow trails that avoid crop rows.


  • Agricultural Roller, farm implementsused to break up lumps left by harrows and to compact the soil, eliminating large air spaces.
  • The plain roller is frequently used to compact grassland damaged by winter heaving.
  • The rolleris an agricultural tool used for flattening land or breaking up big clumps of soil, especially after ploughing or disc harrowing.
  • Naturally, rollers are pulled by tractorsor, prior to mechanization, a team of animals such as horses or oxen.


  • Hand Hoe tool, commonly known as a Jembe in Kenya is an ancient, versatile agricultural tool that is used to move small amounts of soil.
  • Its most key role for many African farmers is land preparation and weed control. Through the agitation of soil surface around a plant, creating narrow furrows and shallow trenches for planting, and piling soil about plants, the Jembe has determined the growth of agricultural economies, development of agrarian empires, and the sustenance of huge human populations.


An axe is an implement that has been used for millennia to shape, split and cut wood; to harvest timber; as a weapon; and as a ceremonial or heraldic symbol. The ax has many forms and specialized uses, but generally consists of an axe head with a handle, or helve.

  • The axe is an example of a simple machine, as it is a type of wedge, or dual inclined plane. This reduces the effort desired by the wood chopper. It splits the wood into 2 parts by the pressure, concentration at the blade. The handle of the ax also acts as a leverallowing the user to increase the force at the cutting edge not using the full length of the handle is known as choking the ax.
  • Most modern axes have steel heads and wooden handles, typically hickoryin the US and ash in Europe and Asia, although plastic or fiberglass handles are common.


  • A tape measure toolor measuring tape is a flexible ruler and used to measure distance.
  • It consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiberglass with linear-measurement markings. It is a regular measuring tool.
  • Its design allows for a measure of huge length to be easily carried in a pocket or toolkit and permits one to measure around curves or corners.


  • A mattockis a versatile tool, used for digging and chopping, similar to the pickaxe. It has a very long handle, and a stout head, which combines an axe blade and an adze (cutter mattock) or a pick and an adze (pick mattock).
  • A cutter mattocktool has a head that combines an axe and adze. Thus, it has 2 flat blades that are opposite of each other, with one blade rotated 90° relative to the other. The axe blade is considered for cutting roots.
  • A pick mattock toolhas a head that combines a pick and adze. The pick is rarely sharpened and the adze is sharpened.


  • A wheelbarrowtool is a small hand-propelled vehicle, usually with just one wheel, designed to be pushed and guided by a single person using two handles at the rear or by a sail to push the antique wheelbarrow by wind. The term “wheelbarrow” is made of 2 words: “wheel” and “barrow.” “Barrow” word is a derivation of the Old English “bearwe” which was a device used for carrying loads.
  • The wheelbarrow is considered to distribute the weight of its load between the wheel and the operator, so enabling the convenient carriage of heavier and bulkier loads than would be probable were the weight carried entirely by the operator.

PICK-MATTOCK is used for digging canals, breaking hard topsoil and for digging up stones and tree stumps. GRAB-HOE is used for breaking hard topsoil and pulverizing soil.

  1. A spade is used for removing trash or soil, digging canals or ditches and mixing soil media. SHOVEL is used in removing trash, digging the loose soil, moving soil from one place to another and for mixing soil media.
  2. RAKE is used for cleaning the ground and leveling the topsoil. SPADING FORK is used for loosening the soil, digging out root crops and turning over the materials in a compost heap.
  3. LIGHT HOE is used for loosening and leveling soil and digging out furrows for planting HAND TROWEL is used for loosening the soil around the growing plants and putting a small amount of manure fertilizer in the soil.
  4. HAND CULTIVATOR is used for cultivating the garden plot by loosening the soil and removing weeds around the plant. HAND FORK is used for inter row cultivation.
  5. PRUNING SHEARS is for cutting branches of planting materials and unnecessary branches of plants.  AXE is for cutting bigger size plants.
  6. KNIFE is for cutting, planting materials and for performing other operations in horticulture SPRINKLERS for watering seedlings and young plants.
  7. WATER PAILS for hauling water, manure and fertilizers SPRAYERS are for spraying insecticides, foliar fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides.
  8. WHEEL BARROW is used for hauling trash, manures, fertilizers, planting materials and other equipment SICKLE is a hand-held agricultural tool with a variously curved blade typically used for cutting weeds.
  9. NATIVE PLOW DISC PLOW PLOWS These are farm implements either pulled by a working animal or a tractor. The plow is specifically used or tilling large areas, making furrows and inter row cultivation. Plows pulled by working animals are made of either a combination of metal or wood or pure metal. They are used to till areas with shallower depth than that of the disc plows which are pulled by tractors.
  10. NATIVE WOODEN HARROW DISC HARROW HARROW The native wooden harrow is made of wood with a metal teeth and pulled by a carabao while the disc harrow is made of metal mounted to a tractor. Harrows are used for tilling and pulverizing the soil.
  11. ROTAVATOR The rotavator is an implement mounted to a tractor used for tilling and pulverizing the soil.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2018
Author: Jagdish


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