Greenhouse Cultivation Special Practices

Greenhouse Cultivation Special Practices

Greenhouse Cultivation Practices: 

Greenhouse Cultivation
Greenhouse Cultivation.

Why Greenhouse Cultivation:- Basically, the greenhouse cultivation became popular due to the fact that controlled environment could produce more yield in short period of time compared to traditional open field cultivation. In greenhouse cultivation, several methods can be adopted or forced for high yield and good quality of flower production.

Rose De shooting in Greenhouse Cultivation:- As sprouting of buds (below flower) between shoot and leaf lead to smaller bud size, these should be removed on regular basis.

Dead Shoot Removal in Greenhouse Cultivation:- Usually, fungal diseases are caused by dead shoots or dried shoots. These plants should be observed regularly and have to removed, if their shoots are dried or dead.

Soil Loosening On Beds in Greenhouse Cultivation:- After preparing and planting on beds, there is a very good chance of soil becoming hardy or stony in couple of months. The soil on these beds should be loosened for good aeration and efficient irrigation.

Bending in Greenhouse Cultivation:- As we know leaf is a source of food for any and every plant. The balance should be maintained between source (assimilation) & sink (Dissimilation).

Mother Shoot Bending in Greenhouse Cultivation:- After planting, Two or Three eye buds can sprout on the main branch and these sprouts will grow as branches & these branches will turn into buds. The mother shoots bends on second leaf or nearer to the crown area. The ground shoot or first bottom break will start emerging from the base. The basic framework is formed by these ground shoots and thereafter the ground shoots have to be cut @ 5th five pair of leaves and medium ground shoots have to be cut @ 2nd or 3rd five pair of leaves.

Defoliation in Greenhouse Cultivation:- Defoliation is nothing but removal of plant leaves. The purpose of defoliation is to reduce transpiration loss during stress period or induce certain plants  to flower. Defoliation can be done in two ways either removing leaves manually or by withholding water supply. Generally, the plant shoots should be defoliated after pruning process.

Support system (Netting) in Greenhouse Cultivation:- In greenhouse production, it is important to have good support material such as wire mesh. This mesh wire should be with the dimensions  of 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm to 15 cm x 15 cm. However, there is another cheapest nylon netting material available in the market. Keeping at minimum of 3 meters, the wires or nets should be supported with the poles. Make sure to have poles are strongly casted with concrete at the beginning and ending of the beds. Increasing widths of meshes can be used for optimal support of the crop. For example, the bottom net of 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm, then 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm and the upper net of 15 cm x 15 cm may be used.

Pinching in Greenhouse Cultivation:- Pinching is nothing but breaking out the tip of shoot with few leaves. Generally, pinching should be done when the plants are young and between 7 to 16 cm height. Pinching can be done on tender shoots manually The purpose of pinching is to encourage the growth of side shoots.

There are 3 types of pinching are adopted.

  • Single pinch: In this, when the plant attains 6 nodes, the first pinch should be given and this gives rise to six lateral shoots.
  • One and half pinch: In this, two to three of these lateral shoots are pinched again.
  • Double pinch: In this, all the lateral shoots should be pinched off.

Dis-budding in Greenhouse Cultivation:-Dis-budding is nothing but removing the side shoots. The purpose of dis-budding is to receive maximum food for the full development of the central/terminal bud. In spray carnations, the terminal bud should be removed where as in standard carnations, side buds should be removed.

Beds Preparation in Greenhouse Cultivation
Beds Preparation in Greenhouse Cultivation.

Pinching out the apical bud in Greenhouse Cultivation:- As soon as the buds separated from one another, it pinches out the central bud and this improves the spray shape. If pinching out is carried out too early, it may damage the side buds. This should be done between second and third week before harvesting.

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