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Friday, December 9, 2022

7 Unknown Facts About The Indian Rupee Symbol – ₹

The Indian Rupee symbol was subjected to change in the year 2010 and hence the task was given to hundreds of brains to find the official currency symbol for The Indian Rupee. The government of India announced a contest to select the symbol which would reflect the tradition as well as the cultural ethos of the country. The government of India received almost over 3,000 application. And it was design by Udaya Kumar which got the cabinet’s approval.

Scroll down to read some interesting facts about the Indian rupee symbol:

  • The man behind the creation

Out of the 3,331 application received, the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs gave the final decision and the design by Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam who is an associate IIT Guwahati professor was selected. In an interview he said he was very happy that his symbol was selected and the symbol has many significance attached to it.

Kiran Kumar S/Twitter

  • From the Devnagari and the Roman

The currency of India has Devanagari ‘Ra’ in its symbol along with this the Roman letter ‘R’ is also present. Udaya Kumar designed the symbol keeping this in mind, a blend of Devnagri Ra and Roman R.

  • The line of equality symbolizes the relativity of economy and balanced economy

The constitution of India states that the citizens of India are equal before the Law. This equality is also reflected in our currency’s symbol of the country. The two horizontal lines in the symbol show equality and it also suggests that the economy of the country is a balanced economy.


  • Similarity with other currency symbols

India is changing from a developing to a developed nation. The symbol of our nation should also match with the symbols of currency of the developed nations. Keeping this as prima facie the currency symbol was designed in lines which are present in most of the developed nation’s currency symbols.


  • Horizontal line in Devnagri script- Shrio Rekha

As we know Hindi derives it’s origin from the Devanagari script and the most important part in this script is the Shrio Rekha. Every word in Hindi contains an upper line which is called the Shiro Rekha. Hence the symbol of Rupees contains an upper horizontal line.

  • The tricolour

The flag of India stand tall with three colours. These three colours denote strength, peace fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land. The symbol of the currency of India has an equal white space in between the two lines which can be equated to Saffron and Green.

  • Easy to design

The symbol is simple to design and construct by any type designers. Also the minimal strokes makes it quick and easy to write

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