D’souza vs Kandolkar electoral battlefield: RSS support increase Joshua’s strength

Ahead of the goa elections, the electoral battle is between the BJP, Congress, the newly formed AAP, and Trinamool Congress in Goa. Congress leader Sudhir Kandolkar and BJP leader Joshua D’souza have been confronting each other in this election.

The BJP has given a ticket to Joshua D’Souza, who represents the Christian community in this constituency, and not only the BJP but also the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) volunteers, who are promoting Hindutva, seem to be standing firmly behind D’Souza. Joshua. Just like his father he has a nationalist ideology that made him popular and won the hearts of voters.

Also, More importantly, many of Joshua’s close associates and mentors appear to be supporting Joshua, and also there’s a discussion that in the future all the cornerstones of minor and major communities will 100% considered while taking the strategic decisions. On the other hand, Sundhir Kandolkar who recently joined Congress is criticised for quitting the party just for power. He is surrounded by so-called progressive Congress leaders

Meanwhile, Sudhir Kandolka is contesting the elections under the umbrella of former minister Michael Lobo, who has no ideological standing. Some have expressed fears that if he goes ahead and becomes an MLA, decisions will be taken against the majority community. Also, Congress has always been accused of being anti-Hindu and appeasing the minority community. If Kandolkar gets elected as MLA, he too will have to follow the congress party’s goals and policies. Now, considering all these factors, it will be clear in the near future in whose favor the mhapsekars will cast their valuable votes.