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Emirates Airline Flies 360 Seater Flight From Bombay To Dubai With Just ONE Passenger

Do you ever dream to board a flight with just you in it? If yes, then you also know that it will cost you a fortune to do so. However, this man got a chance to experience just that when a UAE’s carrier- Emirates airline operated a flight from Mumbai to Dubai with just him. Yep, read on to know more about this.

Bhavesh Javeri Flew From Mumbai To Dubai Solo On Emirates Airline
Bhavesh Javeri, a 40-year-old flyer, was the only passenger on the Mumbai-Dubai EK-501 Emirates flight. He paid only AED 909 (Rs. 18,000) for the ticket, and as luck had it, he got the plane all to himself. As per the reports in the Indian news agency ANI,

“EK-501 Emirates plane operated from Mumbai airport to Dubai with one passenger. The flight took off at 4:30 am IST.”

Times of India spoke to Bhavesh, who is a Dubai-based Stargems Group CEO and a golden visa holder and he said,

“I stepped into flight and all the airhostess clapped for me. I have flown so much, but this definitely was the best flight for me.”

He Paid For The Economy Ticket And Got This Experience In Return
The commander greeted him from the cockpit and jokingly asked if he wanted a tour of the entire plane. Speaking about this fun experience, Javeri further added,

” I was elated. I had flown a charter flight from Dubai to Mumbai last june with nine passengers on a 14-seater aircraft. But it was no-where close to this money can’t buy experience.”

Javeri even recorded a video and said,

“Today, I am the special because I am the only passenger on the Emirates flight to Dubai from Mumbai.”

Bhavesh Has A Golden Visa, Hence He Was Allowed To Fly Amid The Ban
The video also shows him being accompanied to the plane by the crew. Now, if you are wondering how did he manage to fly from Mumbai to Dubai amid the travel ban, then you must know that there are certain categories that are allowed to fly. Members of diplomatic missions, golden visa holders, UAE nationals and passengers exempted and/or granted permission to enter by the UAE authorities.

Well, his experience is like a dream for most of us. We are yet to receive an official statement about the same from the Emirates airline on this.

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