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Monday, February 6, 2023

Google Releases A Warning: Users Should Prepare For Disruption Or Find Another Web Browser

It’s a bad year for Google Chrome as it’s been under attack for quite some time and now, the tech giant has warned over two billion chrome users.

According to reports on the Chromium Bug Tracker, Google has revealed that the next major achievement for Chrome will be to break websites across the world.

The issue lies in the version numbers as the official build of Chrome is version 96 at present. Besides, the early access developer has version 99 and when it reaches 100, all the affected websites will be stopped.

These websites scan for the Chrome version, but Duda (website software design) checks for only the first two digits.

Website software design checks for Chrome versions for security concerns and prevents older versions from accessing the website. Chrome version 40 is usually the minimum requirement.

Also, many website owners will not know that they are affected and finding a solution is tricky as there isn’t much time left. Besides, Google releases the Chrome version at a turtle pace as version 95 was released in October.

Based on the reports, Google is testing out various solutions and one of them is to alter the version numbers and place ’99’ into the first two digits. Although, it’s a messy solution and might not be effective in real life.

Chrome users must deal with disruption or use another browser until the issue is resolved. Over 2 billion Chrome users are still using the older version, so there isn’t much time left.

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