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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Money Power is now Kandolkar’s weapon against BJP’s people power

All parties are gearing up for elections held on 14th Feb. Bardez constituency has gained more popularity during the electoral campaigns. In Ganganagar-Khorli, Kandolkar has been accused of trying to lure voters by distributing money. Meanwhile, a case of violation of code of conduct has been registered under section 18

Oppositions are targeting and criticizing Kandolkar for violating the code of conduct,
are criticizing congress, and also demanding strict against Kandolkar. BJP leader Rohan Kavalekar has slammed Kandolkar over the high voltage drama.

“Voters should think before electing such corrupt leaders like Kandolkar Many veterans, including Congress leaders Michael Lobo, have come out against young MLA Joshua D’Souza. Also kandolkar have realized that BJP has people’s power so he is utlizing money power for attracting voters” Added Rohan Kavalekar

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