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Saturday, December 10, 2022

People will elect Joshua for Mapusa’s development- Khedekar

BJP General Secretary Yogesh Khedekar has expressed his views on why Joshua D’Souza should be elected by the people, as BJP has ruled this constituency for over two decades. Also, he has urged to elect Joshua for Mapusa’s development.

He said, “Under Joshua’s leadership, the Mapusa Mandal became more active and aggressive. His ploy is to keep the workers of all parties together. Due to his continuous encouragement, Mapusa Mandal and all the activists are fighting this election with one heart. They are ready to help Mapusa’s citizens and are constantly providing sports-related material to the players. He has been cooperating and supporting people.”

Our candidate is young and the other candidates are old. The new generation is supporting this new young candidate. Because they are confident that new schemes will be implemented by them using new technology. Our MLAs have undertaken the work of underground electrification. The old bridge in Mhapsya has become obsolete and now there will be a major road. He also expressed confidence that the people would now elect him for the overall development of Mapusa.

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