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Thursday, June 1, 2023

PM Modi’s Rally to be ‘Game Changer’, Massive booster for BJP in Goa elections

Ahead of the Goa elections, PM Narendra Modi is all set to address the physical rally at Mapusa on 10 Feb, which will be a game-changer in the election and also a massive booster for BJP in the assembly polls.

Modi will be addressing citizens near Shri Bodgeshwar Temple at 4 PM. All parties are gearing up for elections held on 14th Feb. Leaders of BJP, Congress, Trinamool Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party are trying to win voters’ support through campaign rallies.

Speculations states that Mod’s sabha will be a game-changer as the votes of youths and the entrepreneurs may turn to BJP as the government is making efforts for industry growth and business through various schemes.

Also, citizens will be keeping an eye on what PM Modi will say about tourism in Goa, development in Goa, and Goa’s general population. Overall this Sabha will be a massive booster for BJP to develop strong hope towards an absolute majority in the state assembly.

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