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The corporators should support us in development instead of making allegations – Shubhangi Waingankar

All parties are preparing for the state assembly election while Opposition parties are seen criticizing BJP on various development issues and work Mapusa. The chairperson of the city Shubhangi waigankar has slammed the opposition for criticizing and also has advised supporting BJP for Mapusa’s development.

In an interview, she commented on the allegations made by the opposition. Waingankar said, “it has been only seven months since we came to power in the municipality. The corporators who are not with us today and complaining about the issues in the city are the same corporators who were in power a few months ago. We have always strived to solve the waste issue in the city. Garbage collection is outsourced and it is the biggest obstacle for us which we have tried to resolve.”

“We have not received the government funds for each ward for the last four years. But we have funds. Therefore, all the pending works will be speeded up after the elections. The roads in the city have been asphaltedAlso, we have the support of MLA Joshua D’Souza.” she added.

Speaking about development Waigankar said, All the corporators have supported for development work done through the municipality. After the election, once again we will take all the corporators along to take the development of the city forward. So that, No one can claim that any ward has been deprived and lack of development works”, Four people are assigned to sweep and do other cleaning work, However, some citizen complain that the city is underdeveloped”

She also comment on fish market issues, she said, “The fish market project was completed by opposition candidate Sudhir Kandolkar and Ryan Braganza. So the issues and question related to Fishmarket should be discussed with them”, In my seven-month tenure I have completely cleaned the fish and vegetable market thrice. The electrical appliance in both markets has been repaired many times.

“Alankar theater project is for further development. Therefore, the allegation made by opposition corporators is baseless. We’ve got a fund that no one has been able to raise for the last four years. And we’re also trying to get next year’s funding on time. We are doing our job completely honestly. Garbage collected during this year’s Bodgeshwar Yatra was collected in time”. Waingankar also appealed to the corporators to support BJP in development work instead of making allegations.

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