The place of Kandolkar is in jail and not in assembly; slams Rajsingh Rane

All parties are gearing up for elections held on 14th Feb. Bardez constituency has gained more popularity during the electoral campaigns. In Ganganagar-Khorli, Kandolkar has been accused of trying to lure voters by distributing money.

Oppositions are targeting and criticizing Kandolkarfor violating the code of conduct, and also questioning what was Kandolkar doing at the constituency at 11 pm as the campaign ended at 8 pm?. Also why he was using another vehicle without using the registered vehicle?. Meanwhile, Campaign materials were also found in his vehicle yesterday therefore, a case of violation of the code of conduct has been registered under section 188.

The election commission team was present at the place that took Kandolkar at the police station, as per the resources, he was at the police station till midnight 3 am and also the police have seized his car.

After such high-voltage political drama, opposition parties are criticizing congress and also demanding strict against Kandolkar. “We believe in democracy and hope that the Election Commission and the police administration will take the appropriate action against such incidents. Kandolkar is trying to get elected by showing the lure of money. The place of such candidates is in jail and not in assembly, BJP has the manpower and so Kandolkar is utilizing money power for attracting voters”, Slammed Rajsingh Rane