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Monday, February 6, 2023

Women should not give shelter to the party which has become a tourist – Naik

Ahead of the Goa elections, the Mapusa constituency electoral battlefield is currently discussed in Bardesh. The main battle here is between BJP MLA Joshua D’Souza and Congress’ Sudhir Kandolkar. BJP’s Mahila Morcha president Roshan Naik has claimed victory for the BJP

We are currently interacting with women in every household and making them aware of the need for a BJP government. We are reminding them of various schemes being implemented by BJP for women. Rupees Fifteen hundred is given to housewives every month under Grihaadhar Yojana, under Dayanand Niradhar Yojana, widows are given a monthly pension. We are also giving One lakh rupees to girls who get married under Ladli Lakshmi yojna

She said, “outsiders who have come to Goa this year are misleading the people and women should not fall prey to their false lures and misconceptions. TMC who claims to give 2500 rupees to women is just paying Rs 500 in Bengal. We urge you not to fall prey to such delusions and false promises.”

“The women should not give shelter to the party which has become a tourist from outside.BJP is the only party which is rooted in this soil, So I appeal you all to vote Joshua and make him win for the development of mapusa.” urged Roshan Naik.

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