A Friends-themed Quiz Night Is Happening At Palm Bay On 27 May

Were Ross and Rachel on a break? What was Chandler’s Middle Name? Do you know the answers to these questions- if yes, then you are a true blue Friends Fan. The iconic American sitcom show is a rage even now, and thanks to its ever-growing popularity, Friends is now going to have a reunion after a decade. And to celebrate that, Palm Bay is hosting a fun friends-themed quiz night, and here’s everything you must know.

Palm Bay Is Hosting Friends-Themed Quiz On May 26 At 8 PM
Live entertainment, quizzes and brunches have finally returned to the city following the ease of restrictions that were announced by the authorities recently. And now to make the most of it, Caribbean-inspired venue Palm Bay in Dubai is hosting a fun quiz night on May 26, and it’s going to be everything fun. It includes a picture round, a music round, a sound clip round, and an interactive round. This quiz will determine loyalty towards FRIENDS. Well, it’s not just the quiz. The Palm will be screening classic Friends episodes all day on Wednesday. The quiz will celebrate the ‘Friends’ Reunion, which will air on HBO Max on May 27. How exciting is this?

The Restaurant Will Also Be Airing Classic Friends Episodes All Day On Wednesday
So if you are a Friends fan and want to test your knowledge, then you have to take this quiz. Right from Roast dinners to Chinese takeaway voucher and fitness class passes, you can win a lot at Palm Bay’s quiz night. So hurry, book your spot right now.

And while you are there, you can also savour some delicious delights from the Caribbean-inspired menu. So what are you waiting for? Make plans with your Friends right away!