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Monday, February 6, 2023

Google is developing a new collection of Chromebook wallpapers

A wallpaper sets the mood for your device, and whether it’s sweeping landscapes, subtle gradients, or even a huge picture of your favorite band, which wallpaper you pick can make a huge difference in your experience. If you have a Chromebook, Google offers a collection of high-resolution wallpapers that make your laptop feel more like, well, you. Having outgrown your desktop background? Google is launching a fresh collection of options that might just put an end to your wallpaper hunting for now.

C2 Productions discovered on Twitter that Google is rolling out Radiance for Chromebooks, a series of eight wallpapers designed by Daniel Medina that dazzle with their brilliance. The merging of computer graphics with professional photography of the natural world here is especially striking.

This is particularly cool because the lighting in these environments changes according to the time of day. For a truly organic feeling, the wallpapers dim the lights when the sun goes down. Daniel’s landscape and floral backgrounds combine the impossible with reality, creating some striking contrasts. Radiance’s multidimensional backgrounds contribute to the whimsical approach that makes it eye-catching and memorable.

Radiance will be available for your Chromebook in the coming months, but if you don’t want to wait, you can switch on access to the Google wallpaper staging server by pasting chrome:flags#use-wallpaper-staging-url into Chrome’s address bar.

Radiance may take up to five minutes to appear in Chrome OS’s wallpaper picker. Please note that right now your Chromebook will not switch between the light and dark versions of these backgrounds, as the mechanism that toggles between the wallpapers based on the time of day is not yet operational. Take a look at the collection below to get an early taste and rock these amazing backgrounds on your phone or desktop PC.

Download: Radiance

Thanks: C2 Productions

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