Instagram Allows iOS Users To Delete Their Account From The App Itself

Users of Instagram can now delete their accounts immediately from the mobile app. No, users did not previously have access to this option. However, Instagram has now made it possible for users to cancel an Instagram account straight from the app to comply with the most recent Apple App Store criteria.

Reportedly, the option to cancel an account from an app must be present in any app that offers in-app account creation, according to Apple’s new App Store Review Guidelines. Instagram users previously had to go through a drawn-out procedure to remove an account.

“We want to provide users more options to manage their Instagram experience and use time. We’ve made it possible for you to remove your account using the iOS’ Settings app, however, you may still choose to temporarily disable it first,” a representative from Meta stated.

You must log in to Instagram using a mobile PC web browser to remove your account. It’s interesting that the choice wasn’t included in the app. However, Instagram said that the feature is now being made available on its iOS app.

Until recently, using the app was the only way to deactivate your account. Your data is still stored on Instagram’s servers, but you are essentially rendered invisible on the app as a result. Users, therefore, deactivate their accounts when they can’t find a way to erase them without realizing that their data would still be saved on Instagram’s servers even if they stop using the program.

All apps must enable users to delete their accounts from within the app in accordance with updated Apple App Store policies.

According to Apple’s support website, when an account is erased from the app, the company also deletes the account from the developer’s files and any associated data that the developer is not obligated by law to keep. Apps that offer this choice to consumers give them more control over the shared personal data.