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Instagram Is Crashing For Some iPhone Users; Here’s Why

These users express the frustration of not being able to use the Instagram app for iOS any longer.

On Wednesday, a problem in Instagram was causing the iOS app to crash as soon as it was opened. A few people reported the glitch online; it doesn’t appear to be common at this time, but it has nevertheless irritated some iPhone owners. These users demonstrate that the Instagram app for iOS has simply ceased to function.

Reportedly, users who press the app icon see the home screen before it fails. The iPhone then returns to the iOS home screen. Once more, it doesn’t appear that the problem impacts many people. For instance, Instagram functions as expected in this case, although other readers of 9to5Mac have reported an Instagram crash. The issue was not resolved even after resetting the phone, according to some reports.

Some people reported success reinstalling the Instagram app to get it working again, but there is no official fix as of right now. What prompted the Instagram problem is yet unknown. Until the flaw is rectified, affected users can use Instagram using a web browser. Instagram has not yet acknowledged the issue or issued a patch for the flaw that affects users.

Some people recommend running the application in the background to resolve the issue. However, if you remove it, the problem returns, and the program cannot be opened again. The only alternative to deleting and reinstalling the program to fix the issue on iOS 16 is to launch it once and let it run in the background.

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