Video Calls With Apple Watch? Wristcam Makes It A Reality


Apple Watch is by far the most popular smartwatch in the world, with a market share greater than 50%. A major reason for its success is how well it integrates with the Apple environment.

It is true that a lot of people would benefit from an Apple Watch, but it is also true that it does not have a built-in camera, so it cannot make facetime calls like any other smartwatch. This is where Wristcam comes into play.

Although there have been some hints that Apple has considered ways to incorporate a camera inside the Apple Watch, there has been no sign that Apple is actively working on such a notion.

Reportedly, FaceTime Audio calls can be made on the Apple Watch, but you’ll need to use your iPhone for FaceTime Video. The Wristcam is primarily a wristband with a camera on it that connects to the Apple Watch via Bluetooth and sends pictures and videos using its 8GB internal memory and two cameras (8MP rear and 2MP front).

It was only recently that the company introduced video conferencing capabilities.

In the Wristcam app, you can place watch-to-watch or watch-to-iPhone calls with other Wristcam users.

Both parties must have the Wristcam application installed. A wristcam makes sense if you have a cellular Apple Watch, do not prefer to carry an iPhone, and have a great deal of video conversations. In any case, it’s fairly incredible that you can now make video calls directly from your wrists.