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Essay on Coronavirus Tips

Coronavirus continues to be a serious health risk for the public. As it is a virus, it is essential to understand that viruses will change continually and new versions will keep emerging. Consequently, we must be ready with everything to tackle it accordingly. Let’s take a look at some coronavirus tips to help understand how we can handle it.

Everything you Need to Know about Coronavirus Tips

First and foremost, we must ensure that we’re getting our coronavirus tips from legit sources. With the ongoing phobia of the virus, different people are coming up with different tips and tricks. However, not all of them will work. Therefore, make sure you follow WHO guidelines or your government or doctor’s guidelines. We’ll now look at some coronavirus tips in detail:

Stay Safe

You must stay safe and keep others safe too. This pandemic can go away with teamwork only not individual work. We must protect everyone around us as well as ourselves. Firstly, take the vaccine when you get the chance.

Follow the local guidelines and get it as soon as possible. Further, maintain physical distancing with others. At least 1 metre of distance must be maintained from others. Even if you don’t feel they are sick, maintain the distance.

Avoid going in between crowds and close contact. Further, wear a mask that fits you properly. It will come into use when you cannot distance yourself physically or the space is not well ventilated.

After that, keep cleaning your hands with a sanitiser. Make sure it is alcohol-based. If not, wash your hands with soap and water. Further, cover your mouth when you are coughing or sneezing. If you don’t have a mask, cover it with your bent elbow. Finally, self-isolate if you develop COVID-19 symptoms.

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Mask Up

Wear your mask properly when you are going out or have COVID-19. Make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin. Also, clean your hands before putting them on and after taking them off.

Dispose of the disposable masks after covering them. If it is a fabric mask, wash it properly. Most importantly, do not use masks that have valves.

Create a Safer Environment

You are at a greater risk of getting COVID-19 when you are in a very crowded place or one that does not have proper ventilation. To create a safer environment, make sure you avoid closed and crowded spaces.

Further, do not get in close contact with anyone. Similarly, choose outdoor gatherings if you wish to meet someone with outdoor air. In closed settings, open the windows for natural ventilation and wear a mask.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Follow good respiratory hygiene to protect yourself and others from the virus. Clean your hands frequently with a sanitiser that is alcohol-based. Dispose of the tissues when using it for coughing or sneezing properly.

Keep disinfecting and cleaning surfaces frequently. Make sure you do it for those that people touch often. For instance, door handles phone screens, faucets, etc.


All in all, make sure you are getting your coronavirus tips from reliable sources. Further, you must also not follow unofficial sources for coronavirus treatment. Get medical help if the need arises. Stay safe and protect others too.

FAQ of Essay on Coronavirus Tips

Question 1: What are some coronavirus tips?

Answer 1: Firstly, take the vaccine when you get the chance. Further, maintain physical distancing with others. Avoid going in between crowds and close contact. Further, wear a mask that fits you properly. After that, keep cleaning your hands with a sanitiser. Further, cover your mouth when you are coughing or sneezing. Finally, self-isolate if you develop COVID-19 symptoms.

Question 2: What to do if one feels unwell?

Answer 2: If you have a fever, get medical attention immediately. Further, get knowledge about the full range of COVID-19 symptoms. Stay at home and self-isolate for 10 days from when you start noticing the symptoms. Moreover, keep following WHO or government guidelines to protect yourself and others.

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