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Hotter Aston Martin Vantage teased ahead of 22 March debut

Expect even more horsepower from the V8, Will be positioned above the already insane AMR version

Aston Martin might be doing duties at the Formula 1 track as Safety Car this 2021 season, but the Gaydon-based carmaker isn’t stopping there yet. Ahead of its official debut on Monday, Aston Martin has teased an even powerful version of the V8 Vantage that seems to be based on the very car that will have Formula 1 cars trailing behind it this year.

We know that the AMG-sourced 4.0-litre V8 isn’t being replaced or outclassed yet. But compared to the AMR version – which puts out a colossal 503bhp and 625Nm – this go-fast version will surely see an even more bump in the output. For reference, the Safety Car reportedly puts out 528bhp.The single teaser image shows off an air-vent on the side and increased focus on the aerodynamic development, all of which seems to be borrowed from the green-coloured Safety Car.

There seems to be a reworked front splitter making its way that’s claimed to generate 155kg of downforce (double than the standard one). However, compared to the massive wing seen on the DBX Medical Car’s partner at the race track, this one has a more subtle 911-like spoiler at the back. There might be changes on the inside and under the skin as well of which Aston Martin has remained tightlipped so far. More details of the new and hotter Vantage will be revealed on 22 March, so stay tuned.

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