Hyundai Ioniq 6 Sedan Looks Identical To Porsche-Beetle


Hyundai, a leading automobile manufacturer, has finally shown off its most-awaited Ioniq 6 electric car, due sometime in 2024. A company has shared the first look of the EV, and it appears that Tesla’s Model 3 may have some competition in the near future. Hyundai didn’t reveal anything regarding the car’s features or specifications, which means we don’t have any clue about the car’s speed and engine capacity. Neither do we know how many kilometres it can travel on a full charge. Let’s have a look at the details.

South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai confirmed that the new Ioniq 6 will have the same architecture as its predecessor. Besides, the company also ensures that more information about the EV’s internals will be available for all later this month. Hyundai has shown a glimpse of its upcoming electric vehicle.

According to the images, the Ioniq 6 looks like a classic Porsche 911 that used to sail back in the 80s.According to the images, the Ioniq 6 looks like a classic Porsche 911 that used to sail back in the 80s. However, the design looks promising and would be a different one from what the rest of the world is selling. Optimistic Futurism and Sensuous Sportiness are claimed to be the defining characteristics of the cars.

The car’s rear portion looks similar to Porsche-Beetle, along with a long tail light on the rear panel and spoiler. According to reports, the EV has 700 Parametric Pixel LEDs, including tail lights.

headlights, third brake light, and rear reflectors. It seems to have a 12.3-inch screen inside the car to display better navigation and other features. The Ioniq 6 is said to be made from recycled materials, and there are no details available about its features or engine capacity.