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Ola Electric EV Will Be Directly Sold To Consumers, Via Home Delivery, No Dealers, Showroom!

Ola Electric is creating headlines as it prepares to debut its first electric bike, the Series S, in the coming days.

The business opened bookings for its Series S e-scooter on July 15 (with a reservation fee of Rs 499, which is entirely refundable) and received one lakh orders within 24 hours.

Tech2 has learned that Ola Electric plans to sell its electric scooter directly to buyers instead of going down the traditional dealership network pathway. The Ola Series S electric scooter will be delivered directly to buyers’ doors.

Ola’s Direct-To-Consumer Sales Model

Ola will use a direct-to-consumer approach, which means the entire purchase process will be conducted directly between the manufacturer and the buyer, eliminating the need to establish a traditional dealer network, which would be costly.

Ola’s Separate Logistics Department

Ola has set up a logistics department that allows consumers to submit documentation, financing applications, and other procedures online to assist with the immediate purchase process.

Ola logistics staff will ensure that the scooter is registered correctly and delivered to the buyer’s residence.

In addition to saving Ola money by avoiding a large retail chain, this strategy also allows the company to meet demand in all parts of India. Ola will ensure that the Series S reaches buyers regardless of their location, so those who wish to purchase one can do so.

The company will also open ‘experience centers’ – similar to Ather Energy’s ‘Ather Space’ outlets – for potential buyers to test out the e-scooter in person and take it for a ride.

Ola Electric Series After-Sales Support

Any maintenance work required can simply be performed at the customer’s residence by Ola’s service staff.


The standard color options include matte black, matte pink, sky blue, white, and more.

Ola Electric has also announced that the scooter can be charged using a regular 5A socket or at one of its ‘Hypercharger’ recharging stations, which will live in over 100 cities and eventually cover over 400 cities.

About the Price

Ola will offer two electric scooter models: the Ola S1 and the Ola S1 Pro.

It is estimated that the Ola Series S e-scooter will have a range of more than 100 kilometers. Ola Electric scooters are expected to cost between Rs 80,000 and Rs 1.1 lakh when released in the near future.

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