Ola S1 Pro – Suspension Breaks on the Road Again

The launch of Ola Electric’s S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters last year generated a lot of buzz in India. With the hype, the company managed to secure a healthy number of pre-orders. However, the manufacturer has encountered a variety of issues since then, beginning with the delay in delivering the goods.

In a recent post, Bhavya Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, assured customers that the majority of scooters have been dispatched. However, many customers are still waiting for their orders to be fulfilled. To make matters worse, the scooters delivered to customers are seemingly plagued with a multitude of problems.

Images of an Ola S1 Pro by the side of the road with a broken front suspension went viral on the internet recently. One of the front forks has completely failed, and as a consequence, the front apron has also been damaged. It doesn’t seem like the rider or anyone else was harmed during the incident, but we cannot confirm at the moment.

Ola Electric’s scooters have also had multiple other issues in the past. Several scooter owners have reported a software glitch that causes the scooter to drive in reverse. Sometimes, the scooter even switches directions while being ridden, causing hurt and injury in some cases. Several users have also reported instances in which the battery died unprompted and wouldn’t charge.

Worst of all, there have been multiple incidents where Ola S1 Pro scooters have caught fire. However, Ola Electric is not alone in this; electric scooters from other brands have also spontaneously combusted, including Okinawa, Pure EV, and Jitendra EV.

In a social media post, Bhavya Aggarwal addressed the technical issues surrounding the Ola Electric scooter, asserting that the manufacturer is committed to providing high-quality products. However, such issues have been popping up steadily, which is extremely concerning.