Tata Launches Ace EV, with 154 km of range


With a slew of launches planned this year, Tata Motors today presented its all-new Ace EV, a pure electric version of its popular commercial vehicle. This launch marks the biggest update to the Ace which is on sale for the past 17 years.

The new Ace EV claims some bold numbers, coming under the small commercial vehicle (SCV) category. Powered by Tata’s new EVOGEN powertrain, the cargo vehicle has a certified range up to 154 km with 22 percent full-load gradeability.

Tata said the new Ace EV is safe to operate irrespective of the weather conditions as it sports an advanced cooling system that not only takes care of the battery’s ambient temperature but also helps consistently deliver high range.
The vehicle allows both fast as well as regular charging with a regenerative braking system also contributing its part. Power comes from a lone motor that puts out 36 HP and 130 Nm. The Ace EV’s maximum cargo volume is 208 feet cube.

Tata further claimed the Ace EV’s container is made of light-weight and durable materials although there’s no option to go for an open-top version. As Aces are usually loaded to the brim beyond the permissible limits, Tata might have gone for a closed top model.

It’s interesting to note that Tata Motors has already signed a memorandum of understanding with leading e-commerce companies and logistics service providers like Amazon, BigBasket, City Link, DOT, Flipkart, LetsTransport, MoEVing, and Yelo EV to deliver 39,000 units of the Ace EV and to set up dedicated ‘Electric Vehicle Support Centres’ for maximum fleet uptime.

Tata will also deploy Tata Fleet Edge, an optimized fleet management solution, and Tata UniEVerse, an eco-system of relevant Tata Group companies soon to facilitate the company’s EV transition.