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Tesla Spec Ad on Times Square Billboard – World’s Biggest – At No Cost To Tesla

The talented content creator Billy Crammer created a Tesla spec ad a couple of years ago. In Times Square, that advertisement just appeared on the giant billboard in the world. He tweeted that his short production had been displayed on the huge billboard, which is as long as a football field.

A short clip from Billy’s fan commercial was shown in Times Square in the tweet shown above, titled “Not a normal Tesla video.”.
Tesla does not need to pay for advertising, unlike legacy automakers who spend billions on marketing. Tesla is investing its unspent funds in the company, which is still in its growth phase.

Billy told me how he found out his video was featured on the Times Square billboard:
“A video of Times Square with the ad playing had been posted on Twitter. As I looked at the video, I thought it looked very similar, so I put the ad into my editing software and put my video beside it. Eventually, it was my video that was used in Ad.

“Then I realized that this ad had been playing on Times Square on a billboard which happens to be the world’s most enormous. The billboard is also absolutely massive; 25,000 square feet, eight stories high, and as long as a football field. The billboard is seen by around 300,000 people a day, so it’s great exposure for Tesla. It feels fantastic to have your work displayed like that and especially for a company like Tesla.

I have no idea who or how it got featured at Times Square. It’s a very intriguing mystery considering that billboard spot is the most extensive and most expensive in the world. I would guess it costs about 100,000 USD a day to rent. Do you have any theories?”

A Tesla supporter could be an investor or even another company with a budget. Tesla’s advertisement in Times Square at no cost to the company and no price (or payment) to the artist who created the ad to support Tesla and show off his skills – is an impressive example of Tesla making the right decision by not paying for advertising.

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