Yamaha Tracer Trademark Filed In India – New Sports Tracer Launch Planned?

Yamaha India has registered the ‘Tracer’ brand identify in the country. This could mean three things. First, Yamaha may simply be registering the name here, which was originally done in 2017. Second, Yamaha might also launch the existing Tracer seven hundred or Tracer 900 which are sold overseas, or the company may additionally be developing an India-specific Tracer on similar lines.

Yamaha might also launch the Tracer 700 or 900 in India.

It could additionally be developing an India-specific Tracer on an existing platform

Yamaha India presently doesn’t have a multi-cylinder motorbike in its portfolio

If Yamaha decides to launch the international model, the Tracer 700 and the Tracer 900 are the two possibilities. The 700 is primarily based on Yamaha’s 700cc platform, with a twin-cylinder engine that makes 73hp and 67Nm. On the other hand, the Tracer 900 could serve as the flagship sport tourer for Yamaha India with an MT-09 based three-cylinder engine that makes 119hp and 93Nm.

Another chance is Yamaha has sincerely registered the Tracer title without any numerical suffix. This hints at the possibility that the company may be planning a special India-specific model. The company has already used its international nameplates like FZ and Fazer on India-specific models and the Tracer might be next on the list.

The present FZ25 platform could be used for this purpose. A Tracer 250 would use the same engine and chassis but perhaps with a half-fairing, upright ergonomics, wide seats, and provisions to mount luggage. It could also get a long-travel suspension and additional ground clearance to handle terrible roads or even a light off-road trail.

While it is too early to say what Yamaha India’s plans are, it will be fascinating to see if they launch an extra affordable 250cc sport tourer to take on the likes of the Dominar 250.