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3 Easy Steps to a Glossy Diffused Lip Look

Each quarter of the year brings in a new fad, a new viral makeup trend, and everyone jumps on board. Most of these trends come and go, but some stand out.

Trends such as diffused lips inspired by K-beauty have dominated the internet for a while. Korean skincare was not the only thing we learned from them (as many of us thought). Their makeup tricks and styles were also noteworthy.

In the land of lip tints, it’s no surprise that the Koreans have managed to tweak the application in a multitude of ways and create this globally favored diffused lip look. The trend already has several exciting variations, also known as blurred lip stain or blotted lips.

Which is your favorite? – Diffused lips with a splash of gloss. Here’s how you can recreate it in Simple Steps.

Step 1:

Make sure your lips are hydrated and prepped before attempting any lip look. Smooth lips are the perfect foundation for any look. If you find excess lip balm on your lips, dab it off with a cotton swab before applying makeup. Wear a matte nude lip – any muted nude pink or nude brown shade that is your go-to – and ensure a seamless application for it to have a natural MLBB finish.

Step 2:

In this step, you need to get creative about the process and perfect your diffused lip look. Apply a lip tint of your choice to the inner part of your lower lip (preferably one that is rosy or cherry-toned). Use your finger (the best tool) or a brush to carefully blend this out, making sure the color stays within the inner portion of your lower lip. Once you have achieved an impactful bitten look, layer the tint and buff it around until you achieve the desired effect. The results will look great. After it has settled, let it dry matte.

Step 3: The fun part is going gaga over gloss. You can finish off the perfectly diffused lips with a layer of clear gloss. Lacquer can be substituted for gloss if you prefer a sheen finish without the stickiness of a gloss.


And voilà, you’re ready to steal the show with your gorgeous pout!

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