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After Cognizant, This 175-Yr Old IT Firm Gives Salary Bonus

Bonuses and special increments over and above the usual salary hikes have been announced by Deloitte India. This reflects that the advisory services are witnessing a recovery in demand.

On Tuesday, increment letters were sent by the company to the employees. There was also a mention of “special increments” which executives will get over and above normal salary jumps.

One Time Bonuses to Senior Members, Salary Revision For Others
According to the reports, all the employees of Deloitte India have received the special compensation. In most of the cases, it is either a bonus or an increase in salary. However, here in the case one time bonuses have been given to the company partners, directors, and other senior executives whereas there has been a salary revision for those who are below the manager level.

Second Round Of Appraisal & HR Expansion Plan
This year in June, all the employees of the firm shall also have a second round of appraisal.

Last year in December, Global CEO of Deloitte Punit Ranjen said that in order to capitalize the talent pool that India has to offer, over a period of two to three years, the firm would double its double its 55,000-strong Indian workforce

These 55,000 individuals serve the most prominent clients and government in India and the world from India. In order to serve the world, there are centres in Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Pune. Punit Ranjen said that next plan is to double the workforce in a period of 2 to 3 years.

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