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After Zomato, Ola Enters 10-Minute Food Delivery Race; Swiggy To Follow Suit?

Hail raiding service Ola is jumping the 10 minutes curry train to instant food delivery according to ET. Yaar! What is wrong with these startups? In less than a month since Zomato started their 10-minute food delivery service, other players are gearing up to compete. Firstly, secondly, and lastly, no one needs food every 10 minutes except maybe toddlers and my (now absconding) cat!

Through Ola Dash, Ola’s quick commerce platform, it will deliver the 10 minutes delivery service pilot. Earlier in 2015, Ola introduced its food and grocery delivery service. However, as it crossed uncharted territory, it was forced to cease operations. Without spilling much deets, an Ola spokesperson confirmed to Business Today that the pilot program is very much up and running in a few cities. Ola’s Dash, according to an earlier statement, would focus on ‘Store-to-Door’ services with 200 dark stores.

Swiggy is joining the Ola bandwagon as well. It appears to be targeting Zomato. Zomato had launched similar services with exclusive partnerships with cloud kitchens and dark stores across major metropolises. ‘Zomato’ has acquired a startup that automates cooking. The result is less manpower (and of course, blxxdy layoffs!) and more bikes on the road skirting through the traffic rush to an impatient mxrxn who needs to feed his insatiable entitled intestine in 600 seconds.

Startups are cutthroat, but that doesn’t mean putting people’s lives on the line (and their knees and other vital organs). Worldwide, hunger is a serious problem. Unless you have chronic conditions that require instant dosage of carbs and glucose, you don’t get to skip the queue where roofless kids stretch their arms with dented bowls looking for their next measly meal. There has been no end to the hunger crisis despite CSR and charity. You might want to spend that 10 minutes reaching out to someone whose stomach is grumbling without food.

Meanwhile twitterati

I’ll leave you with Jose’s goofy take on the 10 minutes delivery circus. endjoy!

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