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Pune : “FITE Lodges Complaint Against IT Companies for the Delay in the Onboarding Process of 250 Students”

The Forum for IT Employees (FITE) filed a complaint on Monday regarding the delayed onboarding of over 250 candidates.

According to FITE’s Pavanjeet Mane, they have filed a complaint against well-known IT firms for delaying the job of more than 250 students.

Mane claims that according to their poll, at least 250 freshers have been waiting to start a job for the past six to twelve months. A new batch will graduate and arrive soon. They have therefore asked the labour commissioner to resolve the issue.

Technically, this is outside of their purview, according to Abhay Gite, deputy commissioner of labour in Pune. The only time an employee can become involved in issues like delayed pay, PF, maternity leaves, and many more is after they have joined a company. They are unable to assist these folks since they have not joined a company.

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