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Rumor: The Future Sony Acquisition is Bigger Than Kojima Productions

Though Sony has acquired some major game development studios over the past couple of months, such as Bungie itself, the company behind Destiny. Sources, however, claim that Sony is aiming to conclude yet another acquisition in the near future, and it’s apparently going to make waves in the industry.

Specifically, it was Jeff Grubb who said that Sony’s next acquisition would be among the biggest ones yet, and the most widespread notion at the time was that Sony was targeting Hideo Kojima’s own studio, Kojima Productions. Revising these claims, Grubb is now saying that it’s definitely not Kojima Productions after all, but there’s more to it than that.

It’s widely known that Hideo Kojima denied the acquisition, and Grubb further emphasizes that Sony is aiming for something bigger than Kojima Productions. Since Kojima Productions became independent, it has only released one major title, which means the studio’s portfolio is rather slim despite being a prominent player in the industry. For Grubb to claim that Sony has got its sight set higher, the acquisition ought to be substantial indeed.

The idea that Sony might acquire Kojima Productions didn’t come out of nowhere, granted, as members of the community pointed out that not only did Kojima himself have numerous successful projects released in cooperation with Sony, but that Death Stranding itself got published by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the first place. This, of course, isn’t the case, but it was the best theory anybody could come up with.

Sony’s “really big” studio acquisition has been a known quantity for some time now or, at least, the notion that the company is working on something big behind the scenes. While multiple sources confirmed this acquisition independently, nobody seems to know what it might entail, exactly, as there haven’t been any leaks to rely on. The net has been cast very widely, with some believing that Sony might be gunning for EA, while others claim it has to be Ubisoft. FromSoftware, Capcom, and Square Enix have also been brought up, but there’s no information to suggest it’s any of these studios.

Sony invested $200 million less than a week ago in Epic Games, another potentially related story. Whether that has anything to do with Sony’s purported acquisition is anyone’s guess at this point, and what’s particularly frustrating is that the deal might not even get revealed anytime soon. As with most things of this nature, only time will tell.

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