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Strategy By Which Buffet Restaurants Make Money

Have you ever visited a Barbeque Nation and gorged over the all-you-can-eat buffet? For Rs. 700 or 800, you can have an unlimited number of items through the course of your meal. Ever wondered how such restaurants do it so easily and if they have anything to lose?

While making a buffet available to customers, this is the ideal psychology most restaurants target. It not only applies to the customers but also to the service providers. These restaurants or chains of restaurants know how to save money easily.

Still, confused as to how that is possible? Next time you visit a buffet, take a look at these things closely,

  • No servers near the buffet section. You might one or two stewards willing to help you find what you like. However, the ideal mechanism of a buffet is to make customers help themselves and choose what they want to eat. You pick what you like and put it on your plate with the common serving spoon provided. No need for restaurants to hire extra help. Easy right?
  • Have you ever compared buffet food to the same food served on a non-buffet day? You might notice a drastic difference in the taste or quality of food. While extra attention is definitely paid to individual meals prepared on-spot for customers, organizing a buffet involves planning the meal prep well in advance because of which the food might not always be fresh, or lose its taste.
  • The cheaper items are always put on the front. You will find the grander, more exquisite items placed well behind. Once your stomach is full on the more affordable ones, you might not have the space to incorporate more food into your system.
    The buffet system is a great way to cut down on waste. Barely any food gets wasted as customers are drawn towards the affordable rates and try to avail them within the given duration.

Do you think this is a genius way for the food industry to create a niche for itself?

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