Tata Neu’s average user spend is four times that of comparable platforms: Mukesh Bansal

Tata Neu, the recently launched super app by the Tata Group, is already witnessing four times the average user spend on its platform than other comparable applications, said Mukesh Bansal, president, Tata Digital. Speaking during a post-launch event at Mumbai, Bansal said the trend that it has received during the pilot run is encouraging.

The Tata Neu super app, developed over the last two years by Tata Digital, has been piloted among Tata Group employees during the past few months. The application is now available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for regular users.l at Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

According to Bansal, higher transaction levels were recorded during its pilot run. “The average revenue per user (ARPU) pattern that we have seen during our pilot is three-four times than one see on comparable platforms. The reason for that is we have huge depth of category coverage. There is no other solution in India that has such coverage of products and services like the Tata Neu offers”, he said.

With the group’s omni-channel presence, the benefits availed through the app can be experienced in physical outlets as well. According to Bansal, the financial services like micro-financing and micro-insurance, that is being offered through the super app will further amplify its appeal to consumers.

According to Bansal, the app has already been downloaded by more than 2.2 million consumers and their engagement with the available apps and services is higher than what Tata Digital has observed on its standalone platforms.