Top 5 Business Ideas with Zero Investment in India


Our goal is to find business opportunities without spending any money. Generally, this scenario applies to freelancing and online businesses. It is likely, however, that you will find what you are looking for here. You may want to start your own business, but you don’t have much or no capital to invest in. Not being too aggressive with your project, and starting with little or no investment is always a good idea. Here are the top five ideas if you’re among those finding ideas without investment for your venture.

 Start Blogging Today, because there is so much to do here. Blogging may take you to a different level. First of all, you must be focused, diligent and simply enormous to be able to make it wide for blogging. It is possible to take on large-scale projects in which you receive some money as the author with blogging, which includes a team of writers. However, if you are the only blogger, you can also do this using the right SEO resources and relentless efforts.

  • Be an Online Seller

If you are a professional creator, or good at any other form of art, you can also make things out of it and start selling them through social media or any other e-commerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart.

  • Start a Recruitment Firm

Today, unemployment is one of the best things you can start with since it’s growing in the market. You can either have a small office, and use your communications with both large and small companies; or, if you or someone you know as key contacts in the industry, you can also start it on an individual basis.

  • Be a Re-Seller

Reselling is always a good business idea if you don’t have to spend anything and you don’t have to manufacture anything. As a reseller, you are a middleman, where you get the merchandise at cheaper rates and gain some income in the same.

  • Sell your Services Online

It is one of the most popular business plan in India with zero investments. Marketing your services, which could be anything from babysitting to advising, is all you need to do. Start with your name and your business, and slowly establish your own brand name. Additionally, having a website or YouTube channel is a good idea for attracting potential customers.