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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

AMC Theaters Abandons Tiered Pricing for Preferred Seats: New Seating Concept in the Works

AMC Theaters recently announced that it has decided to drop its plan to implement a tiered pricing system for preferred seats and front-row seats. The plan, known as “Sightline,” had been under testing in three U.S. markets since March.

The original idea behind the tiered pricing system was to charge more for preferred seats and offer reduced prices for front-row seats. However, the company found that this pricing strategy did not lead to a significant increase in patronage of front-row seating, despite the slight price reduction for these seats. Surprisingly, more than 75% of AMC Stubs members, who had previously purchased tickets for preferred seats, continued to choose those seats even with the slight upcharge applied.

Furthermore, AMC Theaters’ competitors did not attempt to match this pilot program, making it less competitive in the test markets and contributing to the decision to end the initiative. As a result, the tiered pricing system will be phased out at participating locations in the coming weeks, and it will not be implemented nationwide.

Although the pilot program did not yield the desired results, AMC is not giving up on finding innovative solutions to address the issue of front-row seats often going unsold. The company plans to explore another approach to fill these seats by introducing enhanced spacious front-row seating with extensive seat recline. This new seating concept is set to be tested starting late in 2023.

The enhanced seating will feature large, comfortable lounge-style seating areas that will allow moviegoers to recline fully and enjoy a more relaxed movie-watching experience. Additionally, the angle of the seats will be optimized to provide a more enjoyable view of the screen for those seated in the front row.

Despite the decision to abandon the tiered pricing plan, it will remain in effect for what is expected to be a highly popular weekend at theaters this year, with the debut of movies like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.”

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