Most Terrifying Horror Movies Of All Time You’ve Gotta Watch On Prime Video

It’s not a good horror movie if it does not keep you awake at night – or at least, that’s what most of us believe. Out of the hundreds of options available on Amazon Prime Video, we have selected the 5 most terrifying horror movies of all time that you must watch if you live for those chills-down-your-spine moments. Let’s check ‘em out, shall we?!

1. Don’t Breathe

This story follows a group of teenagers who break into the house of a blind man to commit the perfect crime. But boy, do the tables get turned, and violently so! This horror movie extends into the thriller genre as well. With a blind man set on eliminating them all, this movie is not like any of those supernatural flicks you might have seen. After all, some horror stories have their roots in real life and that makes ‘em even scarier. Go see!

Watch Online Here | Don’t Breathe

2. The Babadook

Things start off with an innocent-looking children’s pop-up book. But ‘Mister Babadook’ is anything but cheerful. When this eerie book manifests itself as a living, breathing creature in the house of a young widow living with her child, it’s just the beginning of a sinister plot. Thereafter, a series of scary events follow that plague these two and they need to find a way to stop things before anyone gets seriously hurt. We’ve already got goosebumps, how about you?!

Watch Online Here | The Babadook

3. The Grudge

When a young police officer steps inside a house to investigate the brutal murder of children committed by their own mother, it is only later that she finds out that the house is cursed. Yes, anyone who enters that cursed house is doomed to violent deaths by a vengeful ghost. The movie turns into a race against time and you’ll be consumed with curiosity about how the protagonist tries to save herself all the while being terrorised by this supernatural being! *Yikes, we need our comfy blankets RN.*

Watch Online Here | The Grudge

4. The Wailing

When a stranger arrives in a village, a mysterious sickness starts spreading. A police officer is caught up in this deadly chaos and he needs to figure out what’s happening in order to save his daughter. This one’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, as some scenes can be downright disturbing. You might not want to watch this one alone, folks!

Watch Online Here | The Wailing

5. Drag Me To Hell

What happens when a loan officer is cursed by supernatural forces while trying to evict an old woman? A series of bone-chilling events follow where some evil elements are bent on dragging her soul to hell. The jump scares will probably make you shriek in terror and while the lead character is being pushed to a breaking point, it becomes a struggle to keep your eyes open and continue watching this movie. We’re getting the chills already!

Watch Online Here | Drag Me To Hell