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Top 5 Airbnbs Within 5 Hours Drive From Delhi

It is often necessary to take time off from our hectic schedules to go on vacation. Most of us leave for short getaways near home since long holidays aren’t always the best solution. When in Delhi, you can visit many places from hill stations to verdant greenery. Great accommodations make all these small trips worthwhile. Looking for some of the most comfortable and prettiest Airbnbs near Delhi? We’ve got you covered.

  • Baweja Farms

Located in Manesar, ‘Baweja Farms’ is a massive Airbnb that can accommodate over 16 guests at once. With a stunning swimming pool, this property features 4 luxurious bedrooms and the interior of this place is designed with brick walls.

This farmhouse is just what you need if you are looking for rusty vibes. Enjoy the picturesque corners of this property while walking around on your holidays. If you are looking for a family gathering venue near Delhi, look no further than Baweja Farms.

  • The Artist’s Studio

Taking a small trip to one of the many beautiful destinations near Delhi is one of the great things about this city. In just a few hours, you can reach Pink city in Jaipur, which is a vibrant city within a few hours of Jaipur. Whether you are wondering ‘where to stay in Jaipur’ or ‘where to eat in Jaipur, we’ve got the answer. We are quite certain that you will fall in love with ‘The Artist’s Studio’. If you love art, you will not want to leave this property. The place boasts antiques and paintings that are a treat for the eyes.

  • SimBliss Farm

Enjoy a great holiday at one of the most beautiful Airbnbs in Delhi without having to drive a long distance. With its lush green surroundings, Simbliss Farm is a tranquil property away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With four bedrooms, a swimming pool, a huge lawn, a barbecue area, and so much more, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing vacation.

  • Santorini

Would you like to experience Santorini’s beautiful ambience? That can be enjoyed in Delhi itself if you so desire. Rather than buying expensive tickets and flying there, spend a few days amidst the aesthetics of Santorini rather than spending a fortune. Located in Hauz Khas, ‘Santorini’ is one of the prettiest Airbnbs we’ve ever seen.

Taking inspiration from Santorini, this themed Airbnb is themed on the Greek island. There is a kitchen, bedroom, balcony, and living room in this property. Throughout this property, you will experience the feeling of being in Greece from every corner.

  • Ramsa Bagh

You can still spend some time in solace here in ‘Ramsa Bagh’ if you are not in the mood to leave the city. Enjoy lavish experiences at this luxurious property situated on a 3-acre plot of land. This place is a step closer to nature in a city like Delhi, with an outdoor swimming pool, farm, barbecue area, and more. Ramsa Bagh is the perfect destination for a short getaway.

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