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25 Types of Tops To Look Sassy Than Ever!

Ladies, welcome! Let’s talk about women’s favourite clothing, the top. Tops are an essential part of each fashionista’s closet. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re easy to wear as well. Regardless of body type, shape, or size, tops have always been useful depending on the occasion and the need.

Perhaps one or two of them will appeal to you. Hence, we have listed down the categories of tops that will make you glam even on dull days!

25 Types of Tops That Every Woman Should Own!

  • Blouse
  • Crop Top
  • Tank Top
  • Cami Top
  • Tube Top
  • Tunic Top
  • Maxi/Longline Top
  • Peplum
  • Bodysuit
  • Bardot/Off Shoulder
  • Kaftan
  • Wrap Top
  • Tulip Top
  • Cold Shoulder Top
  • Asymmetric Top
  • Cape Top
  • Cinched-Waist Top
  • Shirt Style Top
  • Layered Top
  • Styled Back
  • One Shoulder Top
  • High Low Top
  • Choker Top
  • Hooded Top
  • Lace Top


Are you planning to go on a casual outing? A blouse top will be the perfect outfit. 3/4th, full, or half sleeves are included, and the back is gathered for extra comfort!

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans

Footwear: Heels or Flat Bellies

Crop Top

Do you plan to show off that beautiful belly? The front part lies above the belly with stylish neck designs! The crop top is a sure choice without a doubt.

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, Ripped Jeans or Jeggings

Footwear: Pumps or Sneakers

Tank Top

This tank top will maintain you cool in the heat. Show off your smooth arms with a sleeveless top that has a styled neck, whether it’s round, square, scooped, or racerback!

Bottoms: Cool pair of Shorts or Palazzo

Footwear: Sneakers, Flip Flops, Flat Bellies

Cami Top

Do you desire to be in the spotlight? Wear this top to stand out from the crowd. With a square or round neckline and strap shoulders, this top completely slays it. This usually stretches to the pelvic region or flaunts your belly. You deserve to look your most fabulous with a cami top!

Bottoms: Shorts

Footwear: Flat Sandals

Tube Top

Show off your sexy shoulders in a tube top. The elasticized neckline just above the bust wraps around your upper torso. This season, try the dazzling off-shoulder look!

Bottoms: Jeans, Shorts, Palazzo, Short Skirt

Footwear: Pumps, Sneakers, Heels

Tunic Top

Featuring an overlapped v-neck and a high-low hem, this top has a high-low hem. A tunic top is ideal if you have a bulging tummy and still want to look stylish!

Bottoms: Skinny or Tapered Jeans

Footwear: Flat Sandals, Sneakers

Maxi/Longline Top

It’s amazing! The maxi top is to die for. There is a slit on one side of the garment from waist to ankle. You can choose sleeveless, full sleeves, and even a different neckline. You’ll turn heads in this stylish top!

Bottoms: Jeggings or Skinny jeans

Footwear: Heels


One cute garment features long sleeves, elasticated detail below the bust, and short gathers. If you desire to conceal your belly fat while still looking stylish, then peplum is for you. A peplum jacket or top is an excellent option!

Bottoms: Trousers, Skinny or Ripped Jeans

Footwear: Boots, Pumps


Make your garments more interesting by twisting them. When it’s possible to look glamorous in a bodysuit, don’t pass it by. This one is perfect for hiding extra pounds and fits perfectly to your skin.

Bottoms: Jeans, Palazzo

Footwear: Heels, Boots, Flats, Sneakers

Bardot/Off Shoulder

This time, show ‘Off’ your shoulders. It starts above your bust area with a touch of panache. The off-shoulder pattern is a look you must include in your fashion diary!

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, Jeggings

Footwear: Stilettos, Pumps, Sneakers


For a change, try a robe-style top called a Kaftan. This summer, kaftans are the perfect top to wear. Tassels adorn the sides, and the neck is round or boat. It is loose-fitting.

Bottoms: Trousers, Shorts, Jeans

Footwear: Gladiator Flats, Bellies

Wrap Top

A perfect fit around your torso. Thanks to the overlapping style, it creates a v-neck. That’s an attractive detail. I highly recommend it for casual occasions!

Bottoms: Skirt, Shorts, Jeans, Trousers

Footwear: Sneakers, Flat Sandals

Tulip Top

The overlapping pattern of this top is just like an envelope this summer. The sleeves have turned hems on the ends. The cool and comfortable fit will make you look chic!

Bottoms: Cool Pair of Shorts or Palazzo

Footwear: Sneakers, Flip Flops, Flat Bellies

Cold Shoulder Top

Recently, the cold shoulder top has been all the rage. Add this one to your wardrobe, and you won’t be disappointed. The cut-out detail on the shoulders adds a lot of glam to this dress. Different necklines can be found in different sections of the dress!

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, Palazzo, Jeggings

Footwear: Heels, Bellies, Sneakers

Asymmetric Top

Let’s go a little off-track this time. There is an asymmetrical hem at the bottom with uneven sides. Sleeves can be long or short, or even sleeveless. Asymmetric patterns give you many choices!

Bottoms: White Trousers, Skinny Jeans

Footwear: Heels, Bellies

Cape Top

Wear a top that has a half cape pattern till the elbow or extends to your pelvic area. Considering that it is trendy and fits all body types, the cape top is a must-try!

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, Jeggings

Footwear: Heels, Bellies, Sneakers

Cinched Waist Top

Wear a stylish piece of clothing this summer to show off your shoulders. This top is a perfect choice for this summer! The cinched waist top has an off-shoulder pattern and has an elastic detail on the waist.

Bottoms: Knee Length Skirt, Jeans

Footwear: Bellies, Pumps, Heels

Shirt Style Top

Vogue has always surrounded shirts. Tops with shirt patterns have always been everyone’s favourite and suit every body type. You will never be disappointed with a shirt style top, whether it has full sleeves, sleeveless, full buttons or half buttons.

Bottoms: Slit Skirt, Skinny Jeans

Footwear: Heels

Layered Top

To carry a cute chic look, you need the layered top. Try it with light hues and don’t let the heat bother you! It has a flare woven in the middle that adds more style.

Bottoms: Denim Shorts, Jeans

Footwear: Sneakers, Flats, Bellies

Styled Back

Are you planning to attend a party? Then wear something stylish. Cut out the back of your halter neck top for an interesting look. Your outfit will look much more put together. Flaunt your halter neck top!

Bottoms: Shorts, Jeans

Footwear: Gladiator Flats, Bellies, Sneakers

One Shoulder Top

Are you interested in owning a stunning piece? Then you need the one-shoulder top. You can find it with a wide variety of sleeves, such as full sleeves, ruffled sleeves, sleeveless sleeves, or even sleeveless sleeves that show off one shoulder. Style up your look to create a diva vibe!

Bottoms: Jeans, Trousers

Footwear: Bellies, Heels, Flats

High Low Top

Maintain an elegant look at your workspace. Dress in the high-low style top with either half-button plackets or full button plackets. A boat neck pattern may also be worn. As for the sleeves, you can choose between full, semi-sleeved or sleeveless. But the high low hem really looks amazing!

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, Jeggings

Footwear: Bellies, Flat Sandals

Choker Top

Next time your friends invite you out to a club or a party, you need a stylish top to make everyone’s heads turn. A choker neck with a cut-out detail looks fantastic!

Bottoms: Half-Palazzo, Short Skirt

Footwear: Stilettos, Pumps

Hooded Top

If you are going out for a picnic or a casual day, then the hoodie pattern top is for you. This gives you a more tomboyish look and you don’t need much to accessorize it!

Bottoms: Skirt, Jeans

Footwear: Sneakers, Bellies

Lace Top

The lace pattern should also be tried once, in addition to georgette, cotton, and denim fabrics. You should wear a lace top with beautiful details if you want to stand out in the crowd!

Bottoms: Shorts, Skinny Jeans

Footwear: Heels, Sneakers

Grab the trendy tops now and shop till you drop!You are a diva if you show off your fancy pants and your tops. Fashion lovers need to be able to choose their clothes well and have good taste in fashion. Shop till you drop and get all these trendy tops now!


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