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Assam Friends Invent World’s First Bag-Less Tea Bags That Are 100% Eco-Friendly

The world has seen many innovations in tea varieties and combinations. But this Assamese duo is all set to change the whole narrative around tea. Seeds of a revolution can be planted even during a mundane chore. Upamanyu Borkakoty, and Anshuman Bharali, have invented the world’s first ‘bag-less tea bag that is 100% eco-friendly.

The Bag-Less Tea Bags Are Made Of Whole Leaf & Bud Nuance
The bag-less tea bags are made of whole-leaf and a bud nuance which releases an aroma as soon as they are dipped in hot water. But here’s how they came up with the idea of these teabags. As reported by Indiatimes, Borkakoty, came across an organic tea-farmer in Sivasagar cultivating loose whole-leaf teas. He found the tea smoother and exponentially refreshing.

The Journey Of Invention
He immediately gave a call to his CA-pursuant business-associate, Bharali, and asked him to meet the farmer. Since their joint-venture optical business was stagnating at the time, they both thought of giving the tea production a try. The duo had earlier explored the tea markets in China and they were excited to start something new and finally came up with their venture The Tea Leaf Theory.

Compression Technique Used To Make Tea Bags
They finally settled on the compression techniques and invented tea bags that brought out the purity of semi-processed teas and captured its essence in the boxed offering. They combined whole-leaves and buds and used a 100% raw, natural, and pure complaint thread, and had their definitive bag-less tea-bag revolution.

We are in awe of this innovation.

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