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Humble Indian Jackfruit Witnesses Soaring Popularity In Europe Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Kathal, Chakka, Ponus, name it as you please, the humble Indian jackfruit is witnessing soaring recognition in Europe. Retro-packed jackfruit cubes and certified gluten-free jackfruit powder are exported to Germany from Bangalore. A shipment of 1.2 metric tonnes of fresh jackfruit used to be despatched to London from Tripura. So, why is there a jackfruit revolution in Europe? Well, read on to know more.

Jackfruit Is Widely Exported To Europe From India
The bulky, green, spiky fruit with a strong and sweet aroma with a yellow hue on the inside, has made its way from the backyards of India to the plates of Europeans. Jackfruit cubes and jackfruit powder is despatched from Bangalore to Germany. Tripura exports tonnes of fresh jackfruit to London. According to India Narrative, organic jackfruit is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in a socially responsible approach. So, the query arises why is the humble Indian kathak developing a storm in Europe? Well, the reason is simple. India’s superfood has become an attractive meat choice for vegetarians and vegans in Europe.

Kathal Is A Popular Meat Alternative In The West
The jackfruit has been a staple in the South Asian weight loss plan for centuries. It’s so abundantly observed that it frequently went to waste every year. But now, India, the largest producer in the world for jackfruit is capitalizing on its popularity as a meat alternative. Chefs from London and San Francisco have touted jackfruit as a popular superfood thanks to its pork-like texture when unripe. Varghese Tharakkan, a jackfruit farmer from Kerala mentioned to AFP that he regularly receives inquiries from overseas for his jackfruit.

Pork Like Texture When Unripe Makes It Popular
The fruit which weighs around 5 kg has waxy yellow flesh when ripe. This is eaten fresh or used to prepare chips, cakes, juices, or ice creams. And when the jackfruit is unripe, it’s used in cooking curries, minced, fried, or sauteed. The West makes use of shredded unripe jackfruit as a popular alternative to pulled pork. It’s used as pizza toppings too. According to the Economic Times, during the Covid crisis, there was initially a worry of consuming chicken. That’s when a large number of people switched to jackfruit, especially in Kerala. With veganism and vegetarianism booming in Europe and the West, the humble Indian kathal has certainly taken over the world as a fantastic, healthy, and delicious meat alternative. If your mouth is watering for kathal,

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