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Order Under 100 Calorie Ice-Creams From NOTO, Mumbai & Never Feel Guilty Again!

Do you fascinate relishing ice-creams and also not putting on weight at the same time? Worry not. We’ve bumped into the perfect option for you. You can bid goodbye to extra calories and still enjoy many flavours of ice-creams, like Pina Colada Pop, Mangoes & Cream, Salted Caramel, Kala Jamun Pop, Dark Chocolate Malai Kulfi and more. These ice-creams have calorie levels under 100, so you can literally put your guilt aside while having them. Interested to know the deets? Read on.

Say NO TO Guilt And Have Healthy Ice-creams
NOTO is a Mumbai-based ice cream brand that delivers home healthy and delicious ice cream tubs, popsicles and gift boxes. The ice-creams are claimed to have 75% less sugar, 50% less calories and 2X protein ( means less fat and more energy, yayy). The best part is, for NOTO ice-creams, the number of calories is mentioned on the packets. For example, a tub of Spicy Pink Guava has 75 calories, a Malai Kulfi tub has 85 calories, whereas a Mocha Choco tub 90 calories. You can take your pick accordingly.

Get On The B.Y.O.B Mood With Ice-Creams
No, this B.Y.O.B is not Bring Your Own Booze. In NOTO language, B.Y.O.B means Build Your Own Bundle. The brand offers some crazy ice-cream bundles with mouth-watering ice-cream flavours. The ‘NOTO family bundle’ comes with 6 tubs and 6 popsicles. The ‘Stay at Home and Chill’ bundle is a box of 12 tubs. There are Mixed Box, Pint Club and POP Family Bundle as well.

So, ready for some cold treats, peeps? Order up RN!

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