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This Indore Man Was A Tea Boy, Now Serves Hot Dogs That Outsells KFC & McDonald’s

The most-ordered dish on Uber Eats in the whole of Asia Pacific isn’t a burger from McDonald’s or a fried chicken bucket from KFC. It’s actually a flavoursome vegetarian hot dog from Indore’s Johny Hot Dog on Chhappan Dukan street, started by 60-year-old Vijay Singh Rathore. The son of a manual labourer and a cook, Vijay Singh Rathore, slept many nights on an empty stomach while growing up. But today, he has fed over hundreds of people from all walks of life thanks to his pocket-friendly and delicious hot dogs. Johny Hot Dog, his stall was started by him at the tender age of 11 to sustain his large family. Over the years, this shop has become an integral part of people’s lives and food experiences. So, how did a simple man like Vijay Singh Rathore create a dish that managed to beat some of the biggest American fast-food chains? Well, read on to unravel this.

Serving Bun Omelettes To Hungry College Students
Vijay Singh Rathore was raised with seven siblings in a small house in Indore. So, making ends meet for the family was quite a task. His five sisters were married off and Vijay and his two brothers started working to earn bread and butter for the family. As a mere 8-year-old, Vijay Singh did several odd jobs to make ends meet. He helped around in the Government Engineering College in Indore. Serving tea, bread and omelette to over 11 lakh students during this time, Vijay hoped his food would give them the energy to burn the midnight oil. His bread omelette became famous among the students. Stuffing egg in a pav and sometimes in a bread, students named the dish Banjo, making the dish a popular fare to date. Vijay’s engineering college canteen endeavour encouraged him to open his own food stall at the age of 11.

Opening Up A Unique Food Stall In Indore At The Age Of 11
Gathering ₹4500 from his mother, he bought a food outlet in 120 sq ft space at Chappan Dukan, a stove and coal sigri. To stand out from the crowd, Vijay Singh Rathore decided to serve something different apart from the popular samosas and kachoris sold in Indore. His reason to not sell samosas and kachoris were two. The first being that he wanted to be different. Second, the investment cost for preparing samosa or kachori is high, he even called it a bit complicated. Taking the help from his mother, an experienced cook, who catered for many events, he learnt to prepare an Aloo Tikki. He stuffed the aloo tikki between bread and roasted the potato sandwich in ghee. Little did he know, that this simple dish would end up beating world-famous burgers.

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