A solar flare explosion triggered a radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean and Europe for more than an hour.

Researchers at SpaceWeather have determined that a solar flare outbreak on May 3 resulted in a radio blackout for more than an hour in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. An X-rated solar flare was triggered by the sunspot, resulting in a radio blackout over much of the planet.

“Radiation from the flare ionised the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a powerful shortwave radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean and Europe,” as per SpaceWeather.com researchers.

As per The Sun, when a solar flare hits the Earth’s magnetic field, the radio and power grids are disrupted. In 1989, a powerful solar outburst damaged the electrical grids in Quebec. The explosion was so large that the power grid was down for nine hours as a result of the explosion.

Additionally, astronauts in space should be aware of solar flares while on spacewalks. However, the Space Station can protect them from solar flares.

When a flare hits the Earth, it causes an awe-inspiring phenomenon called Auroras, also known as Northern Lights. The sky is filled with remarkable displays of colour, which are easily visible to the human eye.