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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

It’s Raining Fishes From The Sky, Watch A Spectacular Footage Of Thousands Of Fish Releasing From A Plane

We’ve all wondered whether there is a plane that can simply fly over us while releasing money, but these are fish, lol! A breathtaking video shows fish being released from the back of an aeroplane into a lake.

This week, video footage showed an aeroplane flying over a crystal blue lake surrounded by dense forest. Then, it opened a hatch and dropped thousands of fish from the sky. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), which disseminated the video, claims that it’s all a part of a campaign to replenish lakes with fish species.


Since the 1950s, Utah has engaged in the technique, supporting fish populations. Cutthroat trout, a species native to Utah, is stocked. To avoid reproduction and any damage on native species, the non-native fish discharged are often sterile.


According to DWR, restocking a lake with this aerial drop technique is the most effective because it can reach seven distinct lakes in one flight and 40 to 60 lakes per day. This is how the state annually replenishes more than 300 lakes.

Are you curious about the sound that these fish create when they contact the water? According to the locals, ‘it sounds like rain’.


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