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Unmasking the Mysteries of Consciousness: Beyond the Material World

In the realm of scientific inquiry, the intricacies of life have been unveiled through materialistic explanations. But what about the enigmatic concept of consciousness?

Despite numerous attempts to decipher consciousness, a novel path in the science of consciousness offers a promising final theory.

Exploring the Uncharted Territories of Consciousness

The prevailing perspective among scientists and philosophers remains rooted in atheistic materialism – an explanation solely grounded in material aspects and devoid of any divine influence.

Materialists firmly believe that science possesses the potential to unlock the mysteries of consciousness, just as it has successfully explained various biological functions through materialistic lenses.

Promissory Notes and the Unfulfilled Promise

However, the seemingly straightforward transition from neuronal connections to the intricacies of conscious experience has yet to materialize, much to the chagrin of materialistic science. The explanations offered by materialist science remain vague promises, failing to provide a concrete understanding of consciousness.

Notably, neuroscientist Christof Koch once bet that neuroscience would unveil a materialistic explanation for consciousness within 25 years. Yet, this bet was lost to philosopher David Chalmers, who believes consciousness transcends the physical realm. The hope for a groundbreaking revelation persists, with faith in technological advancements and accumulated knowledge to bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap. Promissory notes, it appears, are the hallmark of atheistic materialist explanations.

A Glimpse of Desperation

This unease is not limited to a few; Annaka Harris, the wife of renowned New Atheist Sam Harris, acknowledges the significance of a new, non-materialistic theory of consciousness as the last hope for comprehending this elusive phenomenon. The concession stems from the evident failures of materialistic science.

Nagel’s Dissent

Thomas Nagel, a prominent atheistic philosopher at NYU, asserted that minds are more than physical entities and, as such, cannot be entirely explained by physical science. While he recognized the appeal of theism in addressing what physical science cannot, he remained committed to preserving atheistic science.

Unspoken Realities: God and the Soul

Despite the vehement assertions of the ‘New Atheists’ who proclaim that reality is entirely material and subject to the laws of physics, God and the soul remain unspoken elephants in the room, topics no one dares to address.

The Emergence of a New Atheism

As the ‘New Atheists’ grapple with their shortcomings, a new atheism is gradually taking their place.

A Paradigm Shift

Scientific American has recently advocated for the consideration of a new perspective, as proposed by Annaka Harris. This view takes consciousness seriously as something non-mechanical, beyond the comprehension of gray matter and the biological laws governing life. This theory is panpsychism, which posits that matter itself possesses consciousness, rendering Chalmers’ ‘hard problem of consciousness’ obsolete.

Philip Goff’s Advocacy for Panpsychism

Philip Goff, author of “Galileo’s Error,” has ardently argued that physicalism, the viewpoint of the ‘New Atheists’ like Daniel Dennett, cannot adequately elucidate consciousness. Goff, alongside his colleague Andrei Buckareff, celebrated panpsychism’s success in a recent conference, an event covered by Scientific American.

The Unacknowledged Elephant

Yet, the unacknowledged elephant in the room persists. Scientific American does not seem to endorse the longstanding belief held by countless people throughout history and across diverse cultures and religions, which asserts that souls, created by God, are the conscious entities we seek to understand.

Reconsidering God and Souls

Perhaps the perspectives on God and souls will be reevaluated when the new theory, too, reveals itself as yet another entry in the series of unfulfilled atheistic promises.

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