Amazon Prime’s about to get more Expensive

Super yachts don’t pay for themselves.

The price of Amazon’s Prime subscription service will increase, the company announced Thursday. It is the first increase in Prime prices since 2018, and comes at a time when people rely on deliveries more than ever after two years of pandemics.

Paris Martineau, a reporter at The Information, broke down the price hike, noting that the monthly cost will jump from $12.99 to $14.99, and an annual membership will shoot up from $119 to $139. 

According to CNBC, new customers will see increased Prime prices beginning Feb. 18. Existing members will see the change starting after March 25.

Amazon stock was up almost 15 percent Thursday, reports Yahoo news, following the day’s positive earnings report. The new Prime price increase is sure to only add to those jaw-dropping numbers.

Notably, canceling a Prime membership still costs exactly the same thing: nothing.